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Food, the confidence of Italians increases compared to 2020

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The confidence of Italians in the food sector grows by 3 points compared to 2020, in contrast to the global average down by 2 points, and conquers the absolute primacy among the European countries analyzed. These are some of the main evidences ofEdelman Trust Barometer, a global survey on the topic of trust carried out in 28 countries on a sample of 33 thousand people. The research analyzes the trust in companies, media, government and non-governmental associations and operates a cross-section on different sectors, including the food and beverage. With the 65% of confident champion, the industry feeding is placed after tech e salute, in third place among the 15 product sectors analyzed by the research.

The positive figure relating toItaly it is even more important when compared to the global trend that sees the food sector losing confidence in 16 out of 27 countries. Italy is in fact ahead of nations with a solid tradition in the food sector such as France e Spain and to industrial powers such as United States e Germany. In our country, the age group that places the most trust in the food sector is that over 55 with the 68%, up 6 points compared to 2020; in contrast to the global average which falls by one point.

L’Edelman Trust Barometer also analyzes confidence in some subsectors of the food and beverage and in Italy gaining ground are the food and beverage producers and the food distribution network, which earn 4 and 3 points respectively, in contrast to the global average which sees these sectors down by one point. In Italy the producers of beer and spirits who arrive at lose two points 59% of confidence, which is in any case better than the global one. Fast food is also decreasing in our country 46% they lose one point and, similarly to the producers of food additives who with 36% lose 4 points.

The Trust Barometer also highlighted the high degree of trust placed in their employer and this data is even more evident for those who operate in the food and beverage sector with 76%, seven points more than last year, an absolute record in terms of growth among all 15 sectors analyzed by the research. “The data of the Edelman Trust Barometer highlighted the good level of confidence of Italians in the food sector and underlined five areas for improvement: innovation, inclusion, information, incentives and investments. In particular, innovation must be aimed at factors of system rather than product and all communities must be adequately represented in the production system through mechanisms of inclusion “, he said Rossella Camaggio, Senior Vice President and head of the food & beverage sector of Edelman Italia.


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