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Football and capital gains, new storm over Rome, Lazio and Salernitana

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Football and capital gains, new storm over Rome, Lazio and Salernitana

Rome, Lazio and Salernitana: new survey on capital gains

New investigations by the judiciary on capital gains in football. This time under consideration by the prosecutors of Rome and Tivoliin two separate investigations, end a series of operations conducted by Rome, Lazio and Salernitana. Among the suspects for Rome are the former president James Pallotta that the current owner And Friedkin. For the Giallorossi club there are nine suspects in all plus the company. While the president is under investigation for Lazio Claudius Lotito and the sporting director The Tares, as well as other company representatives. Both clubs at the time of the disputed facts were listed on the Stock Exchange. Lazio, still traded at Business Squaredrops almost 5%.

The intersections with the investigation into Juventus

As far as Rome is concerned, the investigations are also intertwined with the proceeding concerning the Juventus. In particular the transfers of players Luca Pellegrini e Leonardo Spinazzola occurred close to 30 June 2019 before the closing of the financial statements.

The operations under the magnifying glass of the Public Prosecutor’s Office concern the seasons ranging from 2017 to 2019 and relate to the transfers of Marquise e Frattesi to Sassuolo, of Tumminello at Atalanta, by Luca Pellegrini at Juventus. And at the same time, the yellow and red arrivals of Defrel from Sassuolo, in fact Spinazzola from Juventus and Cristante from Atalanta. Checks also on the arrival of Plums dal Verona and the transfers to the Verona club of Cetin, Chancellors and Diaby. Transactions carried out close to the closure of the budget 2021.

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For Lazio, the prosecutor’s office in Tivoli is investigating. At the center of the investigations coordinated by the prosecutor’s office are the cases of the players Sprocati, Casasola, Marino, Cicerelli, Novella, Morrone and Akpa Akproobject of sale between Lazio e Salernitana.

The searches

The acceleration of the preliminary investigation took place with a series of searches and acquisitions of documents carried out in the offices of the three clubs by the men of the Economic-Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome.

The investigation by the Tivoli prosecutor’s office, however, it is specified, concerns Lazio and Salernitana and the verification activity is not connected “with others carried out by other public prosecutors”. In the search decree it is indicated that the leaders of Salernitana and those of Lazio “indicated in the declarations of the annual income fictitious passive items (“inflated” costs) as well as showing the respective disproportionate purchase values ​​of the players in the company financial statements, thus distorting the value of assets of the sports club”.

The position of the companies

The Salernitana clarified that “the current corporate structure is completely foreign to the operations being investigated” and specified that he “gave the utmost cooperation to the investigative bodies”. Lazio highlighted that they are “one crystal house in which all documents are in place and at the disposal of the authorities”. Roma said to stay “collaborating with the authorities competent” and hoped “that full clarity on the matter be clarified in the shortest possible time, believing that he has always worked in the full respect of the regulations in force”.

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