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Ford, in 10 years electric cars will cost like any other

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Ford, in 10 years electric cars will cost like any other

Ford moves the date: only in ten years will electric cars cost as much as internal combustion engines

“It will take at least ten years to see an electric car sold at the price of the same internal combustion engine model“. She stated it Jim Farley, CEO of Ford denying those who think of an alignment of price lists as early as 2026. “We will have to wait at least the second or third generation of current models – added the number one of the American House – before this important goal is reached”.

Also according to Farley, dal 2035 electric cars”they will cost less than thermals by virtue of their greater simplicity of assembly. This will be possible thanks to the least number of components and to smaller batteries built with cheaper materials”. “Moreover – predicts the CEO of the Blue Oval – there will be lower costs associated with distribution, since so many cars will be sold online. And the turnover deriving from the sale of subscriptions to digital services for private customers and corporate fleets will grow”.

The importance of price

The theme of price parity between electric and thermal cars and obviously crucial in sales development of green cars and divides the experts. Volkswagen it had expected to reach parity, at least in production costs, from 2025. In reality, the rise in raw materials has moved the date forward. For Stellantis i prices of electric and diesel and petrol will approach dal 2030. Then there are those who are more optimistic like Envision which provides parity in 2026, or the Sweden where it was decided to stop the incentives.

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Actually without incentives the electricity market would go into reverse. They are convinced of this in the USA, where the government Biden decided “discounts” paid by the state up to $7,800 for those who switch to green cars. Also in Italy, France and Germany purchase support policies have been decided which have seen mixed fortunes (in Italy the incentives for electricity have been snubbed).

All houses in red minus Tesla

In reality, the effort to contain the final prices of electric cars is creating chasms in the accounts of the automakers. Ford itself announced in March that it has lost $2.1 billion about his business Ev. Such losses were even twice as much as a year earlier. Basically, for every electric car sold, Ford loses over $1,500. But the Oval house is in good company. In red are also Mercedes, BMW, and Stellantis. The only one who earns is Tesla with a margin of approx 8 thousand dollars for every car sold. A separate discussion concerns the Chinese brands which, thanks to the monopoly on batteries and electronic components is flooding the market with electric models at discount prices. Precisely to counter this invasion, European manufacturers are trying to limit the price lists while waiting for the hoped-for cost equality in the production of electric and endothermic cars. However, data that moves dangerously ahead.

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