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Forecasts for 2023, Target Price and Quotation

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Forecasts for 2023, Target Price and Quotation

In this article we are going to see what are the latest updates on the trend of Porsche sharesthe forecasts of the experts for the future of the title and the target price.

We will first of all try to frame the company and then to indicate the fundamental data that should interest you in case you are interested in an investment in Porsche shares.

Let’s start!

This article talks about:

Porsche: a focus

Porsche AG was born on April 25, 1931 in Stuttgart, from an intuition of Ferdinand Porsche, a successful engineer and entrepreneur.

In 1934, Hitler asked for the design of a popular automobile: the Volkswagen. Also due to this historical period, Porsche father and son were not immediately able to work to design a vehicle with high performance, reaching this goal only in 1948, when the well-known model 356, the first series-produced automobile under the Porsche brand.

In 1951 the creator of the brand dies; in that same year Porsche conquers his first class win at 24 hours of Le Mans.

In the 90s, however, the new models of the 911 series were born, while in the early 2000s the famous Porsche Carrera was produced, a mid-engine supercar with two fixed seats, which was equipped with many innovations.

In 2002, however, the Cayenneor rather the first SUV of the house.

In 2012, Volkswagen finds a financial agreement to acquire the remaining 50.1% of the Porsche capital, and so the entire capital comes into the hands of the Volkswagen group.

The company went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on 29 September 2022, following aLong awaited IPO.

The capitalization today is equal to 51.52 billion euros.

Porsche stock performance and price

We continue our analysis by indicating one of the fundamental data that as an investor you absolutely need to know, namely theshare performance.

Here is the updated graph of the trend of the Porsche shares:

[stock_market_widget type=”chart” template=”basic” color=”#5679FF” assets=”P911.F” range=”max” interval=”1wk” axes=”true” cursor=”true” range_selector=”true” api=”yf”]

Porsche stock forecast 2023: what to expect? Dividends and target prices

Now let’s move on to the most important data to understand if it is worth investing in Porsche shares.

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Latest news

Since the quotation it took place a few months ago, let’s begin our analysis by going back a little: in 2017 the German manufacturers had decided to recall five million three hundred thousand diesel cars that had been sold in Germany to update the software to cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 25-30%. The bill was paid by the builders, with the State putting 250 million into a fund for sustainable mobility.

In February 2022 Volkswagen he had started talking about the stock market listing project, which then effectively materialized in September 2022, so we can say that it was a fairly quick operation.

The goal of quotation first of all it was that of finding new capital to carry on the electricity transaction, an objective that was anything but simple to pursue, and for which new capital was needed.

Il corporate value at listing it was around 75 billion euros, and Porsche listed itself at 82 euros. The listing has allowed Porsche to offer its shares in major European countries, where investors will be able to subscribe up to 25%.

The first day on the stock exchange was super positive for Porsche, since on the first day of listing it had already assumed a capitalization equal to that of its parent company Volkswagen and had already surpassed rivals Ferrari.

The company was valued at a whopping €75 billion, making it the biggest European IPO since 2011, raising €9.4 billion.

L’objective for 2030 is to reach an 80% percentage of electric cars on total sales.

On October 5, 2022, the stock surpassed Volkswagen in market capitalization for the first time. On this wave, it seems that other brands of the group will soon see the Stock Exchange approaching.

The candidates would be Lamborghini, Audi, Bentley and Skoda.

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Porsche shares: target price

According to analysts, the target price ranges between €60 and €134, with an average target price of €89.

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The advice of analysts regarding instead the consensus there are many towards the Buy, therefore they recommend buying the shares, others are for hold, or keep and some are oriented to outperform.

These are uncertain data and uncertain forecasts, since obviously no one can know what will happen, and above all for Porsche we can also add the fact that it has only recently been listed, so there are few elements available.

Porsche dividends 2023

We have arrived at the last fundamental fact that we are interested in knowing: the dividing.

Porsche distributed a maxi dividend on January 9, 2023 of 19 euros precisely in connection with the successful IPO that took place in September.

Should you invest in Porsche shares?

Now that we have analyzed all the information related to Porsche shares that could be useful for an investor, we just have to understand whether or not it is convenient to buy Porsche shares.

We have seen how the stock exchange listing has been remarkably successful, but we must remember that this is a share that has just landed on the market.

I personally never lean towards buying a share in solvano, as I believe that doing so is extremely risky: in fact, you never know what could happen, and it is precisely for this reason that it would be better to always buy shares by following a well-diversified strategy.

In fact, investing in shares can undoubtedly be very profitable, in fact the best returns are obtained from the stock market, however (there is a however) before throwing yourself headlong into this investment you need to be really clear on what you are doing.

Precisely in this regard, I invite you to read mine guide to start investing in stocks.

If, on the other hand, you are already an investor, and have been doing it for some time, or you think you have enough skills, then you might be interested in discovering our offer #IOPOINTONITALIA.

It is a review that proposes the most profitable shares of our country in which to invest. The Study and Research Center of Affari Miei constantly examines and monitors the proposed actions, in order to suggest the most interesting ones.

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Where to buy Porsche shares?

If you want to compare the shares but you don’t know how to do it practically, I’ll explain which are the two preferential channels you can use:

  • Traditional bank: if you are interested in investing more than 3-4 thousand euros, then your current account should be fine. In most cases the most important Italian banks offer the possibility of having a securities portfolio, only that these operations often have a high cost, so my advice is to evaluate in detail the convenience of this operation for you;
  • Online platform: the second option is to opt for an online, native digital platform. You can find so many on the internet, and they are specialized in the purchase of shares but also of other financial instruments. They allow you to access the markets in a simple and intuitive way, and often manage to offer you much more advantageous costs. If you are interested you can read the guide.

Additional helpful resources

We have briefly seen some predictions on the Porsche title, fresh fresh from the Stock Exchange listing.

We are dealing with a very important brand, with a successful history behind it, but I can suggest you Only buy its stock if you truly believe in the growth of this company and don’t make decisions on heat or feelings.

In any case, even if you have full confidence in the brand, always and only invest figures that you can afford to lose and that they never exceed 2-3% of your capital intended for investments.

Diversification and prudence are in fact two very important factors to consider when investing in the stock market.

Meanwhile, before saying goodbye, I would like to leave you some guides that may interest you:

Finally, you will also find some guides dedicated to those who want to start an investment journey in a conscious way:

Enjoy the reading!

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