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Former Ilva, Palazzo Chigi convenes the unions for September 27th

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Former Ilva, Palazzo Chigi convenes the unions for September 27th

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The call to the former Ilva, Acciaierie d’Italia, this time comes from Palazzo Chigi and the interested ministers will be present. It is for 1pm on September 27th. The meeting welcomes the request of the national leaders of Fim Cisl, Fiom Cgil and Uilm who on 20 September wrote to Prime Minister Meloni and the ministers Urso, Fitto, Giorgetti, Pichetto Fratin and Calderone, reporting that the company, «starting from taking over the management of ArcelorMittal, is experiencing a phase of abandonment and dangerous decline destined in a very short time to deliver it to an irreversible state of shutdown with very serious employment as well as industrial consequences, without taking into account the numerous accidents that occur daily in the workplace and which put the safety of workers at risk.”


The call from Palazzo Chigi precedes by one day the 24-hour strike called in Taranto by the acronyms Fim, Fiom and Uilm, with protection of the concierge and the involvement of AdI employees, those from related industries and those laid off from Ilva in extraordinary administration. Strike announced on September 22nd and which will also take place on the very day, the 28th, when the company will host the main steel industrialists and customers in Taranto for a commercial roadshow. A strike called to highlight the crisis of the plant «despite the copious public funding received a few months ago» (the 650 million disbursed by Invitalia).

The requests

The site – say the unions regarding the strike – now lacks the minimum requirements to guarantee a dignified life for workers on the production plants where the absence of ordinary maintenance and overtime compromises the protection of the human lives who work there. But the protest of the 28th, the acronyms clarify, «is not intended in any way to be aimed at the company’s potential customers who, in our opinion, are in fact driven away by a totally unreliable management. On the contrary, our initiative aims to be a day of defense of the plant against those who are leading it to its sudden and dangerous closure and total devastation: the management of the current CEO.” Even if there is a meeting at Palazzo Chigi, the strike on the 28th is confirmed for now.

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