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Former Presenter of Happy Saturdays Experiences Year-Long Nightmare with Hyundai Repairs

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Former Presenter of Happy Saturdays Experiences Year-Long Nightmare with Hyundai Repairs

Former Happy Saturdays presenter reveals ongoing problems with Hyundai vehicle

Colombian television presenter, Hernán Orjuela, recently took to his social media platforms to voice his frustrations regarding his ongoing issues with Hyundai. Orjuela filed a complaint about the purchase of his vehicle in the United States, citing similar cases that have been occurring in Colombia, where vehicles have been taking months to repair. According to Orjuela, his 2018 model year vehicle has been in Hyundai workshops for about a year without any resolution thus far.

Speaking about the ordeal, Orjuela stated, “Friends, a sad truth about Hyundai, a real nightmare, my Hyundai has been at the dealer for repairs for a year.” He initially took the vehicle in for repair due to some faults, which involved changing the transmission system. However, weeks and months have passed with no progress on the repairs.

According to Orjuela, the technicians at the dealership are yet to identify the issue with his vehicle, stating, “They have not been able to find the issue.” As a result, Orjuela points out that his car has been devaluing during this period of being unused. Furthermore, he has been unable to escape paying monthly installments and insurance, as he believes that logical reasons do not allow for such exclusions.

Aside from the ongoing repair issues, Orjuela also denounces the poor customer service he has received from the Hyundai dealer. Expressing his frustration, he complains that the dealer does not deliver updated reports or return calls. Despite trying all available channels for resolution, including reaching out to the dealer’s manager, the Better Business Bureau, and even Hyundai’s legal department, Orjuela has received no response.

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Adding to the severity of the situation, Orjuela revealed that one of his children took a great risk driving the faulty vehicle. He does not feel safe driving the car and is unclear if it will even be in his possession once he finishes paying for it.

In light of his experiences, Orjuela calls for better treatment of customers and a prompt response from the dealer. “That’s the way it is, even in the United States,” he emphasized. It remains to be seen how Hyundai will address these concerns and rectify the situation for Orjuela and other affected customers.

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