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Formerly a seamstress, now self-employed: these are my best tips

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Formerly a seamstress, now self-employed: these are my best tips

Marina Brandelik is 29 years old and has been a digital nomad for over four years. She is currently spending the winter in Portugal. Marina Brandelik

Marina Brandelik has fulfilled her dream of working remotely and is successfully running an online company.

No more fixed working hours, no dreary open-plan offices and no annoying boss – digital nomads say goodbye to all the obligations and rigid laws of an employment relationship in order to live their dream of working from anywhere. At least that’s the theory.

Marina Brandelik has been living as a digital nomad for around four years. She is currently wintering for three months in Portugal, a hotspot for digital nomads in Europe.

The 29-year-old from Singen in Baden-Württemberg successfully ran a location-independent company, although she initially had no special knowledge of it. “Becoming self-employed leads to one of the greatest and most dramatic personal developments that I can imagine,” reports Brandelik. But before she saw her first successes, she had to go through a few failures.

I wanted to see the world and get to know other cultures

The 29-year-old is a trained tailor and fashion designer. After her training, she couldn’t find a suitable job and worked in retail for a few years as a temporary solution. Brandelik changed employers four times in four years until she realized that her job wasn’t making her happy. “I wanted to see the world and get to know other cultures,” she says today.

This was her start into self-employment

For more freedom and flexibility, Brandelik and her friend and later business partner Florian König converted a small van into a camping vehicle with which they traveled on weekends and for vacations. But Brandelik is increasingly dreading going back to her dreary everyday life in retail. She is looking for a way out: “My greatest motivation was self-determination. I no longer wanted to be told when I had to be where. I didn’t want to spend eight hours in retail where I wasn’t allowed to leave early even though there was no work left.” Inspired by other digital nomads, Brandelik finally decided to become self-employed.

“The start of self-employment was very difficult for me. As a tailor, I didn’t know what I could offer online, so I first tested four or five business ideas and rejected them one after the other.”

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In addition to her job, Brandelik initially sets up her own online shop, sews her own handbags, moves into marketing and sells her own digital products. “I worked my ass off and used every free minute. After work and on weekends, I took care of my business and often skipped partying to do so,” says the 29-year-old.

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