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Franco “Recovery Plan is a complex challenge, strategic vision is needed”

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – “The National Plan is a great opportunity to initiate a process of lasting growth for the country that has emerged from about a quarter of a century of rather poor or in any case modest growth compared to the other main European countries. The success of the Plan it requires a joint effort by the various institutions involved and an open and constructive dialogue; it requires a country strategy, a vision for what the country will be in 2026, in 2030 and possibly in the following decades “. This was stated by the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, in his speech in the Senate at the end of the debate on the report on the Pnrr, underlining that the Plan represents “a complex organizational challenge, especially in the implementation phase. We must complete it and make it an instrument of development and redesign of the country. In this the resolutions approved by Parliament will help us. The transmission to Parliament of the technical notes relating to the component missions of the first draft of the PNRR prepared by the previous Executive and from which our work started – he added – was guided by the will to facilitate a close dialogue between Parliament and Government, with a view to the most complete transparency “. Franco then assured that every euro that “will be committed, every euro that will be spent will have to be reported. The Government’s commitment to make use of the indications contained in the resolutions, in the relative reports, in the drafting of the new version of the Plan and the commitment of involving the Parliament before its transmission to the European Commission does not derive only from the mere obligation to comply with the resolutions, but also and above all from the conviction that a strategic sharing of the Plan is possible only through the full involvement of all the institutions, in the first place of Parliament “. Franco then recalled that the emphasis on reforms “is fundamental, not only to ensure the effectiveness and rapid implementation of the investments themselves, but also to overcome those structural problems that have long led to unsatisfactory growth and levels of inadequate employment especially for young people and women. With this Plan, we must ensure that young people and businesses are at the center of our recovery effort “. (ITALPRESS). tan / sat / red 01-Apr-21 16:47

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