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Free anti-Covid insurance in the Balearics

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As part of the relaunch of post-Covid tourism, some initiatives of the Balearic Islands are worth mentioning: travelers who wish to can take advantage of free medical assistance while traveling provided by the insurance company RACE until 31 December 2021, with coverage for expenses of transport, repatriation or extension of stay resulting from COVID-19. In addition, bridging hotels have been set up to provide health care to positive or quarantined people. And the Health Service of the Balearic Islands has created a network of COVID EXPRESS points for residents to undergo an anti-gene test without the need for an appointment and more than 50 authorized centers for tourists who are on the islands and need to do a test.

Among the measures adopted, also the control of the capacity in the premises, the training of workers with the prevention protocols of COVID-19, the measurement of CO2 in the air for proper ventilation in closed spaces and the implementation of “social bubbles” – people who regularly live in the same place – in the workplace.

Due to the current situation, some special restrictions have to be foreseen for traveling to the Balearics. Before visiting them, the authorities recommend that you check all safety information on safetourism.illesbalears.travel

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