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From a Novese company the valves used to lift the bulkheads of the Mose

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BASALUZZO. From a Novese company a contribution to Mose, the dam system that protects Venice from high water. It was given by Italvalv of Basaluzzo, which designs and manufactures industrial valves in various sectors, such as geothermal, electrical, petrochemical, metallurgical and nuclear.

«We have supplied to Venice all the valves for the lifting system of the bulkheads mounted below sea level – comments the owner Roberto Roveta -. It is a great work, we are happy to have made a contribution. I have followed its development for many years and first of all appreciated the value of people. As often happens, in the public sector there is a downside, given the slowdowns in both construction and maintenance. We, as suppliers, have suffered a little from this ».

The history of the reality of Basaluzzo is told in the Valve Space Technology, the company museum. “We have created a permanent technological space for schools and our customers that has been active for many years, even if students have not come for a year and a half due to Covid – adds Roveta -. Wherever we can, we also take care of social issues and training, but without transforming ourselves into schools. One of my balls is to try to prepare local boys, because at the moment we feel the lack of youth workers. We are signing an agreement for the start of a school-work relationship with a training institute in the area. Ours is an activity that gives people the opportunity to follow a path to the finished product ».

“We are a medium-sized company that managed to survive in the period of the pandemic above all thanks to the foreign market – says Roveta -. Ours is a family company, with me are my wife Carla and my son Alberto. What we must make it clear at the international level is that Italy has a great value ». Abroad they understood it ». From China to Saudi Arabia, passing through Iraq and Canada up to New Caledonia, there are many territories in the world to which Italvalv exports its materials.


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