Home Business From agro-food to aerospace: here is the Campania that innovates

From agro-food to aerospace: here is the Campania that innovates

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From agro-food to aerospace: here is the Campania that innovates

Always in the middle is the knot of investments, development but also the security linked to a growing sector. It is no coincidence that Antonio Patrone, Director of Finance and Digital Transformation of Tirreno Power underlined how the keys to the future in which the electricity and energy sector is globalized, pass through skills and Cyber ​​Security. Of the same opinion also Stefania Rinaldi, Chief Executive Officer of Rinaldi Group Spa and Vice President of Confindustria Salerno with responsibility for Internationalization, Training and Generational Handover who sees digitization as the tool “to compete on international markets”.

It is no coincidence that the mayor Gaetano Manfredi recalled the “great challenge that is being undertaken and the great effort in a digital key starting from the IT services of the Municipality”.

The aerospace challenge

The Aerospace sector is also traveling under the banner of digital and innovation, which in Campania, with its district, occupies the second position on the national scene, a sector which, as underlined by Antonio Blandini, President of CIRA – Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali «has 308 companies, and a historical presence of large aerospace companies such as Leonardo».

Not only that, to accompany the district also the so-called multiplier effect which, to use the words of the president of the DAC – Campania Aerospace Technological District, «is one to four. In other words, each employee of the 13,000 employees generates more than 50,000 other employees».

Sustainability in the company

In this journey towards the future that characterizes the companies of Campania there is the issue linked to the ecological transition and sustainability, as underlined by Carlo Pontecorvo, Vice President of the Naples Industrial Union with responsibility for Energy Policies, Ecological Transition, Environmental Sustainability who underlined projects and prospects for companies. But also some critical elements and strengths.

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