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From big cinema to sport, streaming is the new broadcast standard

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Movies and TV series have led the way, but streaming sport is here to stay. If the cinema has quickly understood the potential of content platforms, Serie A is the latest of the great events to be added to the sports offer on the internet. Trend already experienced by other competitive leagues. For the US National Football League (NFL), streaming is an established reality, with several platforms having acquired the broadcasting rights. The same goes for the NBA, the top flight of US basketball which, alongside the cable programming, has launched its League pass to follow all the games on the internet. The forerunner of live and on demand streaming in the stars and stripes was Espn, the broadcaster founded in 1979 with its own programming on the internet through Espn Plus.

The English Premiere League is also streamed by the platforms that have acquired the rights. For experts this is an irreversible process that will bring all sport to streaming, transforming it into a new broadcast standard. And in this sense, the Netflix case has made school. Founded in 1997 as a mail-order film rental, it has evolved into one of the most relevant streaming services on the planet, accounting for over a third of internet traffic in the United States. A bet won by betting on digital. Blockbuster, its main competitor who at the beginning of the new millennium did not believe in digitization, remains a memory in the minds of the most passionate cinephiles. Amazon, with Prime video an integral part of the Prime membership, plays a leading role in the online entertainment industry.

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The streaming of games and entertainment content is a further step in TimVision’s positioning as the main aggregator of television content in Italy, an important element for the digitization of the country.

If internet diffusion is a way of enhancing the programming of “traditional” entertainment players, sport is one of the main levers that motivate the subscription to a subscription to the platforms.
According to research conducted by Sensemakers, the male sample interviewed declares that sport is the second driver of choice that drives registrations. Of the total number of people consulted, 48% stated that live sporting events are the greatest attraction towards the subscription. Thus generating a growth in streaming TV higher than that of the conventional counterpart. Also due to restrictions, which have increased the time spent at home.

In the two lockdown phases of 2020 (March-April and October-December) the time of use increases through smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. The average minutes dedicated to streaming increased from 6 to 28%, according to Auditel data cited by Sensemakers. Streaming platforms gain viewers, as do top rated players in the world of sports entertainment. During the first period of restrictions, users of Timvision grew by six percentage points, those of Dazn by 4%. In the second phase of closures, growth is similar, with the sports streaming platform increasing its use by two more points.
Disney +, the platform of the American giant to arrive last in the streaming market, has also increased the viewers. A channel for the distribution of feature films which, with the theaters open in fits and starts, would have reached the audience with difficulty. Among these Black Widow, the Marvel product dedicated to the homonymous heroine of Russian origin played by Scarlett Johansson.
2021 started growing, with an overall increase in viewers of 52%, when compared with the same month of the previous year.
The revolution in user habits is confirmed by the data. According to Sensemakers, 39% of users report streaming content every day, multiple times a day, with an average of 8.5 hits per week. The smart TV is the main device dedicated to viewing and sharing products online, followed by the computer and smartphone. The mobile phone, however, becomes prevalent in the case of individual use. Contents that supplant those offered by traditional TV, with the use of platforms with subscription especially in prime time, ie the listening range between 21.30 and 23.30. Proof of the fact that streaming – even sports – has entered the living rooms of Italians.

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