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From “buying hardware” to “focusing on actual combat”: promoting the construction of an effect-oriented network security operation system- Economic Dynamics- Market Information Network

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From “buying hardware” to “focusing on actual combat”: promoting the construction of an effect-oriented network security operation system

Market Information Network 2023-05-29 10:43:13 Source: People’s Daily Online Comments:

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 28 (Reporter Du Yanfei) “At present, network security has undergone major changes compared with previous years.” “Our top-level design is constantly being strengthened, and the working system and mechanism are improving day by day.” In a few days ago At the 2023 Network Security Operations and Combat Conference, participants said that digital technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and it has played a powerful role in providing public services and promoting industrial development. But at the same time, network security operations are also facing new challenges and risks. They are shifting from “buying hardware” to “emphasis on actual combat”. It is necessary to focus on cutting-edge technologies, monitor development trends, and promote the construction of an effect-oriented network security operation system.

Jiang Wei, director of the Cyber ​​Security Research Institute of the China Academy of Cyberspace Affairs, said that in recent years, my country’s cyber security and data security, policies and regulations have been continuously improved, and important cyber security policies, regulations and standards such as the “Three Laws and One Regulation” have been continuously introduced, and cyber security reviews have been implemented. Measures, establishing a network security review mechanism, continuously improving the protection capabilities of key information infrastructure, continuously strengthening data security management and personal information protection, and steadily advancing the integration of network security education technology industries.

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“However, we must also realize that the risk of international network security confrontation is intensifying, and my country’s network development is facing new challenges and new risks.” Jiang Wei said that the risk of malware continues to increase, the risk of information leakage continues to be severe, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence quantum computing Technology creates new security risks. Take the new risks created by new technologies as an example. This not only reduces the learning threshold for hackers and the difficulty of developing malicious programs, but also provides automated technical support for cyber attacks.

Zhang Yanjun, deputy dean of the School of Cyberspace Security at Beijing Institute of Technology, believes that cyberspace security is an important prerequisite for the development of my country’s digital economy, the core starting point for building a community with a shared future in cyberspace, and one of the indispensable pillars for maintaining national security. All sectors of society should promote the continuous development of my country’s cybersecurity industry, ensure the stability and prosperity of cyberspace, and make every effort to build a community of shared future in cyberspace.

“Social co-governance of cyberspace requires active dissemination of advanced concepts and cutting-edge practical cases, and promotion of normalization of offensive and defensive drills.” Zhang Xi, deputy dean of the Cyberspace Security College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, believes that network security has now moved from hardware to software, and to the cloud Therefore, government and enterprise units need to continuously improve the level of network security operations in actual combat, so that operational experience can be tested in actual combat.

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Participants said that with the policy-driven compliance requirements, the active defense generated by actual combat-based attack and defense, and the joint promotion of new technologies such as cloud computing and industrial Internet, the development of the network security industry is accelerating. Taking active defense as an example, with the normalization of offensive and defensive drills, network operation requirements are shifting from passive defense “buying hardware” to active defense “emphasis on actual combat”. In the context of the normalization of offensive and defensive drills, it is necessary to build a command system for internal and external information sharing and coordinated defense.

Network security is easy to attack and difficult to defend. How to avoid delays in response and handling is the focus of the industry. “In recent years, the industry has gradually realized that the construction of the system is a long-term, continuous, and systematic project, focusing on the establishment of practical security operation capabilities.” Xue Feng, CEO of Weibu Online, believes that network security construction and operation are guided by infrastructure and compliance. Gradually transition to effect-oriented. Network security technologies, products and solutions are going to be automated, cloud-based, practical and subscription-based, with data as the foundation, threat information (TI) as the core, and artificial intelligence (AI) as the drive. “Data + TI + AI” is being Help network security operations move towards “autonomous driving”.

In addition, the participants suggested that it is necessary to strengthen the protection of key information infrastructure, strictly implement the network security work responsibility system, improve the key information infrastructure protection system; strengthen the protection of data and personal information, establish data security management risk assessment, testing and certification mechanisms, and suppress Realize the main responsibility of the network platform; promote the integrated development of network security, education, and technology industries, and promote the construction of a national network security talent innovation base.

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