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From single check to appointments: the Council of Ministers point by point

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Single check, appointments, local authorities. The Council of Ministers on Thursday, November 18, met to deliberate on some central issues. Here are which ones:

Single and universal check
Establishment of the single and universal grant, in implementation of the delegation conferred on the Government pursuant to law no. 46 (legislative decree – preliminary examination)
The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family Elena Bonetti, the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Andrea Orlando and the Minister of Economy and Finance Daniele Franco, approved the legislative decree establishing the single and universal check.
The decree introduces a monthly economic benefit to families according to the economic condition of the nucleus, based on the indicator of the equivalent economic situation (ISEE).
The allowance is recognized to families for each dependent minor child and runs from the seventh month of pregnancy. It is also recognized for each dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, in the presence of one of the following conditions: the adult dependent child attends a school or professional training course, or a degree course or carries out an internship or a job with a total income of less than 8,000 euros or is registered as unemployed and looking for a job in the public employment services or performs the universal civil service.
For about half of Italian families (up to 15,000 euros) it is 175 euros per month for the first and second child and 260 from the third onwards.
Surcharges are envisaged for each minor child with disabilities, for each adult child with disability up to the age of twenty-first, for mothers under the age of 21, for families with four or more children.
The allowance is recognized without age limits for each child with a disability.
The application for the recognition of the grant is presented starting from January 1st. The application is submitted electronically to the INPS or at the patronage institutes.
For households earning citizenship income, the single and universal allowance is paid ex officio jointly with the citizenship income and according to the methods of disbursement of the latter, subtracting the quota foreseen for minor children.

National Strategic Plan on Male Violence Against Women 2021-2023
The Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family Elena Bonetti has provided a report on the National Strategic Plan on male violence against women 2021-2023, which follows on from the previous Plan for the three-year period 2017-2020. The Minister highlighted how the action to prevent and combat male violence against women is at the center of the Government’s action and the planning and implementation of effective policies capable of affecting this phenomenon constitutes a precise line of commitment, also to the light of the provisions of the Istanbul Convention ratified by Italy in 2013.
The Plan is the result of the work carried out by the members of the National Control Room (central administrations, regions and local autonomies), the social partners and the main associations active in the sector of preventing and combating gender-based violence. The positive opinion of the Unified Conference on November 3, 2021 was also acquired on the Plan.
The objective of the “National Strategic Plan on Male Violence Against Women 2021-2023” is to provide answers to very detailed needs, which relate to multiple aspects related to the conditions of violence: prevention, protection of victims, persecution of men who engage in violence, training and education of operators and the population, information and awareness raising, the protection of migrant women and victims of multiple discrimination, work, economic and housing autonomy and the dissemination of places dedicated to women.

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Resolutions of civil protection
The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Mario Draghi, approved the declaration of a state of emergency for intervention abroad following the exceptional events that hit the city of Freetown in Sierra Leone on November 5, 2021.

Resolutions pursuant to the consolidated act of local authorities
The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese, since forms of interference by organized crime against the local administration have emerged, pursuant to article 143 of legislative decree August 18, 2000, n. 267 approved the dissolution of the Bolognetta (Palermo) Municipal Council and the simultaneous assignment of the management of the Municipality, for a period of 18 months, to an extraordinary commission.
Furthermore, on the proposal of the Minister himself, since the recovery and rehabilitation action of the Municipality has not been exhausted, the Council of Ministers approved the extension, for a period of six months, of the dissolution of the Municipal Council of Partinico (PA).

The Council of Ministers resolved:
– on the proposal of the President Mario Draghi, after consulting the President of the National Council for Economy and Labor (CNEL), the appointment of Mauro Nori as Secretary General of the same CNEL;
– on the proposal of the President Mario Draghi, after consulting the Presidential Council of Administrative Justice for the Sicilian Region, the appointment of the lawyer Vincenzo Martines as a member of the same Council – Consultative Section;
– on the proposal of the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, the assignment of General Director for military personnel to the general of the Army Corps of the normal role of the Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, Army transmissions Antonio Vittiglio.

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Regional laws
The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies Mariastella Gelmini, examined 12 laws of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces and resolved to challenge the law of the Veneto Region no. 27 of 09/21/2021 “Provisions for the 2021 regulatory adaptation regarding territorial governance, roads, public works, tenders, transport and the environment”, as certain provisions, placing themselves in contrast with the state legislation on landscape matters, as well as criminal law and public contracts violate articles 3, 9, 81 and 117, second paragraph, letters e), l) and m) of the Constitution.
Furthermore, the Council resolved not to challenge the law of the Tuscany Region no. 35 of 21/09/2021 “Requirements for participation in the competition announcement for the assignment of ERP accommodation. Conditions for the attribution of scores. Changes to attachments A and B of Regional Law 2/2019 “; the law of the Basilicata Region n. 39 of 23/09/2021 “Rules for the prevention and limitation of odor emissions”; the law of the Basilicata Region n. 40 of 23/09/2021 “Regulations on the protection of people with autism spectrum disorders”; the law of the Veneto Region n. 29 of 09/28/2021 “Amendment of the regional law 10 October 1989, n. 40 “Discipline of research, cultivation and use of mineral and thermal waters”; the law of the Tuscany Region n. 36 of 01/10/2021 “Urgent provisions for compliance with the obligations deriving from belonging to the European Community and for the regulation of the provisional authorization phase for the discharge of urban wastewater into surface water bodies. Changes to Regional Law 5/2016 and Regional Law 20/2006 “; the law of the Autonomous Province of Trento n. 19 of 07/10/2021 “Integration of article 12 of the provincial law of 3 April 2007, n. 9 (Provisions on land reclamation and improvement, land consolidation and conservation of the integrity of the agricultural company and amendments to provincial laws on agriculture) on land improvement “; the law of the Basilicata Region n. 41 of 06/10/2021 “Interventions for the enhancement and reuse of assets and companies seized and confiscated from organized crime”; the law of the Basilicata Region n. 42 of 06/10/2021 “Establishment of the Regional Observatory on legality and organized crime of a mafia type”; the law of the Basilicata Region n. 43 of 06/10/2021 “Ratification of the third change to the financial budget for the three-year period 2021-2023, pursuant to paragraph 2 bis of article 109 of the decree-law of 17 March 2020, n. 18 (Measures to strengthen the National Health Service and economic support for families, workers and businesses connected to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19), converted, with amendments, by law April 24, 2020, n. 27 “; the law of the Basilicata Region n. 44 of 06/10/2021 “Financial budget for the three-year period 2021-2023 of the Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Basilicata (ARPAB)”; the law of the Basilicata Region n. 45 of 06/10/2021 “Amendment to the regional law 22 February 2005, n. 13 “Regulations for the protection of woods from fires” as amended by the regional law 5 January 2021, n. 2″.
Finally, the Board resolved:
– to renounce the total challenge of the following laws, as the Sicilian Region and the Basilicata Region, with subsequent regional laws, have made changes to the provisions object of the challenge that allow to consider the detected illegitimacy complaints overcome: law of the Sicilian Region n . 36 of 30/11/2020 containing: “Urgent provisions regarding personnel and extension of building permits. Various provisions “; law of the Basilicata Region n. 26 of 11/28/2019 containing: “Amendments and additions to Regional Law April 30, 2014 n. 7 “;
– to partially renounce the challenge of the Lombardy Region law n. 18 of 07/08/2020 “Settlement of the 2020 – 2022 budget with amendments to regional laws” as the Lombardy Region has made changes to some provisions subject to appeal which allow to consider partially overcome the complaints of illegality found.

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