Home Business From work to the environment, anything but alliances: for Elly, CSX is a labyrinth

From work to the environment, anything but alliances: for Elly, CSX is a labyrinth

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From work to the environment, anything but alliances: for Elly, CSX is a labyrinth

Pd, the node of alliances for Elly Schlein

With Elly Schlein, freshly proclaimed to the secretariat, a new season officially opens for the Pd, but not also for the opposition. In fact, it is unlikely that with the change at the top of the Nazarene, the latter will find a common raison d’être. Nor, it must be said, will the European elections to be held in a year’s time be a spur, since they are proportional elections. To the full advantage, therefore, of Giorgia Meloni who, as much as she may fear a woman like Elly at the head of the main minority party, is destined to sleep peacefully, having on her side a coalition capable of remaining united, despite a thousand trips and I distinguish. Precisely the one that the former number one of OccupyPd cannot count on. Without a doubt, no small ballast for her leadership.

After all, the chances of bringing the centre-left galaxy to an agreement can be counted on the fingertips. And it’s not about the usual almost obligatory stances taken by the leaders of the oppositions, which are not lacking (The leader of Azione Carlo Calenda immediately made it clear: “It’s one thing to do some battles together, one thing is an alliance No, these are really political acts with respect to which, obviously, it becomes difficult to backtrack or correct the shot. One above all is represented by the proposed law on conflicts of interest first signed by Giuseppe Conte and which has just begun its process in the Constitutional Affairs commission in the Chamber.

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It is true that it is a historic workhorse of the pentastellati, but there is no doubt that it is also a real declaration of war on Italy alive and on its leader Matteo Renzi. Article 15 on the “prohibition of receiving donations from foreign countries” (one cannot “accept during one’s mandate and in the year following the termination of the same, contributions, services or other utilities with a total value exceeding 5,000 euros” , reports the article), in fact, it seems written precisely to hit the former premier who so far has had an easy time rejecting accusations and political attacks for his commitments as a lecturer behind the screen of “non-illegal” activities.

By condition, it must be said that even Italia viva is already excited about the idea of ​​being able to lead the commission of inquiry into Covid as soon as it is set up, being Renzi’s party among the main accusers of Conte’s pandemic management. But this is only a taste of the difficulties Schlein would encounter in keeping the oppositions together.

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