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Fsi does not stop and still rises in Anima: it reaches 9%

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Fsi does not stop and still rises in Anima: it reaches 9%

Fsi rises again in Anima: now it has 9%

The operation of Fsi are Anima Holding it was evidently not over with last week’s surprise entry at 7.2%. The fund promoted and led by Maurizio Tamagnini he rose again in the sgr with a series of share purchases on the market, reaching up to 9%. This was revealed by the Consob update on significant shareholdings. On 15 February, with purchases on the market, it had reached 8.547%, while to 17 Februarydate of the new operation, has risen to 9%.

This is a second installment after last week’s surprise entrance. The vehicle had been bought Fsi Holding 2 srl. The transaction had been managed by Mediobanca through a reverse accepted bookbuilding, which had allowed FSI to purchase 24.98 million shares at a price of 4.35 euros per share. With a premium of 30 cents compared to the 4.05 euro at the closing of the stock market the previous day. The total outlay was over 108 million for the first 7.2%.

In defense towards France

As also written by Truth&Business, the FSI operation on Anima aims to strengthen the presence of the Italian shareholders in the sgr. The idea, in fact, is to defend an important buyer of Italian government bonds from a possible French assault. Last year Amundi entered Anima with a 5% stake and we should not forget the important presence of Credit Agricole in the capital of Banco Bpm, Anima’s leading shareholder with 18%.

With the entry, and now this further rise, of FSI – which joins the other Italian shareholders including that 3% in the hands of Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone and 10% of stakes – the presence of Italian shareholders in Anima is much more solid. It should not be forgotten that the lists for the renewal of the Anima board of directors must be presented by 24 February. The timing of the FSI operation, therefore, is not accidental.

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