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Fuels, the race continues; petrol over 2 euros for the served

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Fuels, the race continues;  petrol over 2 euros for the served

Prices continue to rise gas e diesel

On the verge of the weekend Easter i listini fuels of the recommended prices of the major brands – as well as the national averages of the prices charged at the pump – have in fact all recorded increases, with the prices that for the served, in the motorway service stations and in the smaller islands have also exceeded the psychological threshold of 2 euros per litre.

In highway – where petrol stations pay concessionaires royalties to be able to provide the refueling service – prices well above 2 euros for both petrol and diesel served in various service areas with the record reached on the A21 Turin-Piacenza where petrol in served mode reached 2.499 euros per litre. Lists at the pump uphill even on the smaller islands: in Capri a liter of petrol reaches 2.119 euros per litre, diesel 2.039 euros, while in Ischia green petrol costs up to 2.154 euros per litre.

The price observatory reports the increases

On the basis of the average prices charged communicated by the managers to thePrice observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and elaborated by Staffetta Quotidiana, surveyed this morning on about 18 thousand plants, self-service petrol rose to 1.876 euros/litre (+4 thousandths, companies 1.879, white pumps 1.868), diesel at 1.772 euros/litre ( +1, companies 1,777, white pumps 1,760). Petrol served at 2.011 euros/litre (+4, companies 2.053, white pumps 1.928), diesel at 1.912 euros/litre (+1, companies 1.957, white pumps 1.822). LPG served at 0.787 euro/litre (-2, companies 0.795, white pumps 0.777), methane served at 1.673 euro/kg (-2, companies 1.665, white pumps 1.679), LNG 1.588 euro/kg (-10, companies 1.604 euro /kg, white pumps 1.575 euro/kg).

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As for the highways: gas self-service 1.942 euros/litre (served 2.204), diesel self service 1.854 euro/litre (served 2.129), LPG 0.887 euro/litre, methane 1.731 euro/kg, LNG 1.566 euro/kg.

It affects OPEC+ policy

Among the reasons that push up the price of fuels there is also the news of last weekend’s decision to cut production decided by surprise by theOpec+according to which the cartel of oil producers will reduce oil supply by 1.15 million barrels per day starting in May and through the end of the year. The aim is to reduce the supply of oil while supporting its prices which have reached a minimum of 70 dollars a barrel after the banking crisis.

However, OPEC+’s move took operators by surprise, also because for the past two weeks the price of crude oil had already started to rise again, approaching the psychological threshold of 80 dollars a barrel. the move ofOpec+ and the consequent leap of the prezzo of oil, will reduce the supply of 1.8%. petrolium, not only increasing concerns about the stability of the global economy, but also the profit margins of manufacturers of oil and gas.

“Once again fuel prices are starting to soar again just when the departures of Italians are increasing – denounced the president of Codacons, Charles Rienzi –. Compared to Easter last year, petrol costs 6.5% today in addition, with an increase in expenditure equal to almost 6 euros at full capacity, which risks determining a sting of a total of 120 million euros only for the higher costs of refueling for Italians who will travel by car during the holidays “

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