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G7, towards the final agreement: oil price ceiling and new sanctions on Russia. Draghi: “Putin must not win”

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G7, towards the final agreement: oil price ceiling and new sanctions on Russia.  Draghi: “Putin must not win”

G7 leaders should expand and align sanctions “aimed” at further restricting Russia’s access to technologies, industrial supplies and services produced by Western economies, especially those critical to supporting the Russian industry base and the technology sector. . A senior White House official pointed this out. Heads of state or government should also decide on further sanctions against perpetrators of human rights abuses, including ‘war crimes’, against those who illegally exercise authority in Ukraine and against those involved in the theft of Ukrainian cereals or otherwise I profit from the war.

[[(gele.Finegil.Image2014v1) Zelensky in collegamento al G7 in Germania]]

The G7 – again according to some sources – are “very close” to an agreement to delegate the respective ministers to develop “mechanisms” capable of setting a global ceiling on the price of oil exported from Russia to countries outside the US, United Kingdom , EU and Japan. The goal is twofold: to “starve” Vladimir Putin and the war he is waging in Ukraine by stealing resources from him, and to help cushion the impact of the conflict on fuel prices at the pump. The price of gasoline in the US has reached $ 5 per gallon.

As for gold, according to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the G7 summit cannot yet decide on a blocking of gold supplies from Russia. The issue “will also have to be discussed within the European Union,” Scholz told Zdf. “This is why this is not a question on which the final decision rests with the G7”, underlined the German Chancellor, who reassured that everyone can count on the fact that “we will work to make the sanctions ever more specific”.

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Leaders adopted conclusions concerning Ukraine, according to reports. A clue about the contents of the text, not yet officially released, emerges from a tweet from the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. «This morning – writes von der Leyen – Ukrainian President Zelensky updated us on Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. We admire his leadership and the resilience of the Ukrainian people. The G7 showed remarkable unity. We have agreed that we will stay with Ukraine for as long as necessary. ”Volodymyr Zelensky spoke today at the G7. He called for anti-aircraft defense systems, security, grain exports, sanctions and reconstruction. Zelensky connected with the heads of state and government of the seven most industrialized countries gathered in the Bavarian Alps, at Schloss Elmau, in the session “The world in conflict”. The Ukrainian president also thanked all the leaders for their support. «Putin must not win. We remain united in support of Ukraine ”, reiterated Prime Minister Mario Draghi after the intervention of the Ukrainian president.

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