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Gas, EU warns: “Prepare for a worst case scenario”

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Gas, EU warns: “Prepare for a worst case scenario”

by Verità&Affari editorial team

The EU must prepare for the scenario “worse” on Russian gas supplies in view of the expiration of the transit agreement between Moscow and Kiev, expected at the end of the year. This is what emerges from an internal document of the EU Commission.

Security of supply will require “close monitoring” to “guarantee the 2024/2025 winter”, observes Brussels, also highlighting the progress on the front of dependence on Moscow: “In 2023, Russian gas was only 15% of total EU import” compared to over 50% before the war. The halt of the transit agreement could lead to a loss of approximately 5% of this share.

Meanwhile, in the last few hours VLadimir Putin has once again raised the specter of a nuclear conflict: a “real” threat, he said, due to the moves of NATO countries in the conflict in Ukraine. But Western countries, he warned her, must remember that Moscow also possesses “weapons capable of reaching their territories”. The warning was pronounced by the Russian president in his annual speech on the state of the nation before the assembled Houses, an event in which Putin showed off confidence due to the successes recently achieved in the field by his troops, unlike 12 months ago, when the fate they seemed to turn in Kiev’s favor.

Putin, however, he wanted to reiterate once again that the Russia has no intention of attacking countries of the Atlantic Alliance, defining the alarms rising from Europe as “nonsense”. Just as he dismissed as “false” Washington’s accusations of wanting to deploy nuclear weapons in space. “This is just a ploy to drag us into negotiations on their terms, which only benefit the US,” she said. (Teleborsa)

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