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Geely Announces 7nm and 5nm Car Gauge Chips: 7nm will be mass-produced next year-Hardware-cnBeta.COM

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Last night (October 31), the Smart Geely 2025 event (Geely Longwan Technology Gallery) was held in Longwan, Zhejiang. Geely announced at the meeting,Core Engine’s self-developed smart cockpit chip SE1000 will be mass-produced in 2022. It is known as the “China’s first” 7nm automotive-grade SoC chip, covering an area of ​​83 square millimeters, using 87 layers of circuits and integrating 8.8 billion transistors.

At the same time, Geely also plans to launch 5nm in-vehicle integrated supercomputing platform chips and high computing power autonomous driving chips from 2024 to 2025.

Available information shows that Hubei Xinqing Technology is a joint venture between Yikatong Technology (renamed Zhejiang Huanfu Technology) and ARM China. However, in July this year, Xinqing Technology made an investor change, holding 34% of Yijiatong Technology. Katong exited. Before the deadline, the industrial and commercial data showed that the largest shareholder was Mobile & Magic, a Hong Kong company holding 34.6%.

It is also understood that at the meeting, Geely announced 9 major Longwan actions, which are to invest 150 billion yuan in R&D in five years to maintain the first investment in R&D for Chinese auto brands, and to achieve self-driving full-stack self-research (to achieve L4 commercialization and complete research in 2025). Master L5 autonomous driving), will launch more than 25 new smart new energy products in 5 years, the group’s total sales volume will be 3.65 million vehicles in 2025, overseas sales will reach 600,000 vehicles in 2025, and the total carbon emissions will be reduced by 25% and 100% in 2025 A full-scenario digital value chain, 2025 EBIT exceeding 8%, and 350 million equity in the first batch to motivate 10,000 employees.

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It is worth mentioning that Geely plans to complete the networking of 72 IoT communication satellites and 168 navigation-enhanced low-orbit constellations in 2026 to achieve “global no blind zone” communications and centimeter-level high-precision positioning coverage.

Geely announces 7nm, 5nm car gauge chips: 7nm mass production next year


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