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Gellify investe in Miraitech 4.0

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Miraitek 4.0, spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano that integrates Industrial IoT solutions for the digitalization of the 4.0 factory, enters the portfolio of Gellify, a B2B innovation platform that selects, invests and grows innovative startups with a high technological content and connects them to traditional companies with the aim of innovating their processes, products and business models.
The co-investment operation of Gellify together with Azimut Libera Impresa Sgr – through the Azimut Digitech Fund – provides for the entry of Miraitek4.0 into the “gellification” program, Gellify’s proprietary growth model that involves various company functions and business processes, filling the gaps in the spin-off skill set.
Founded in 2018 by Marco Taisch and Sergio Terzi, professors of the Manufacturing Group of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, one of the leading experts in Industry 4.0 at an international level, Miraitek4.0 is a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano and creates solutions for collect and analyze the operational data of production plants, transforming them into information to maximize the efficiency of production resources.

For example, by monitoring the production performance of industrial machines, departments and plants in real time and remotely, including breakdowns, alarms and downtime. By observing historical data to obtain operating indices and improve production processes. To date, the company has more than 130 connected industrial plants, 500 stations and 55,000 data points.

«As a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano – comments Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner of Gellify, Miraitek4.0 has the competitive advantage of having a team with excellent skills and competences, both from a technological and business point of view. The founders themselves are internationally recognized professionals and academics in the field of Industry 4.0 and we look forward to working with them to take it to the next level ».

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«This is a turning point for us. Since 2018 – explains Marco Taisch, founding member of Miraitek4.0 – we have been working diligently pursuing our mission of accompanying companies in their digital and sustainable transformation, to increase their competitiveness; now is the time to bring all this to the market in a widespread manner, to ensure that more and more companies can benefit from the advantages offered by the new technologies provided by Miraitek 4.0. Gellify and Azimut represent the ideal investors to make our business project mature in the best possible way ».

«This support – adds Sergio Cassinelli, general manager of Miraitek 4.0 – allows us to exploit new synergies and work with strategic partners for technological and commercial development. Furthermore, with the strengthening of the technical team, we are ready to anticipate new market trends at a technological level to guarantee customers always updated products and solutions to overcome the challenges of the future ».

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