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General metal boss: “Retirement at 63 was and is a serious mistake”

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General metal boss: “Retirement at 63 was and is a serious mistake”

“Retirement at 63 was and is a serious mistake and a great injustice that future generations will have to pay for,” Wolf told the “Bild am Sonntag”. The demand to abolish them is absolutely correct, “to admit such a serious mistake would be a sign of real greatness”. “Herr Heil should jump over his shadow.”

According to a representative survey by the opinion research institute Insa for the newspaper, a clear majority of 63 percent of people in Germany would like to retire at the age of 63 or earlier, only 6 percent at the age of 67 or later.

Dispute over abolition of pensions at 63 – top economist defends model

In the Union, too, the criticism of early retirement without deductions continues. “Retirement at 63 no longer belongs in this era,” says MIT boss Gitta Connemann (CDU) of “Bild am Sonntag”. “It’s expensive. Many contributors, taxpayers and pensioners are financing a system with billions and billions that is damaging our country overall.” The state is luring experienced specialists into early retirement, while they are desperately needed on the labor market.

DIW President Marcel Fratzscher, on the other hand, defends retirement at 63. “Yes, the job market will lose skilled workers through retirement at 63, but to a manageable extent.” , must apply for a disability pension. In Germany, that’s two million people. Anyone who is now demanding that everyone should work up to the age of 67 must also explain how craftsmen or nursing staff are supposed to be able to do it at all.”

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