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General strike, Landini (CGIL): “Distant politics”. Bombardieri (Uil): “Full squares, here the real country”

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MILANO – “A distance is being established between the needs of the real country and the politics that is increasingly closing within it and the problem does not arise that more than half of the electorate does not go to vote”. These are the words of the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, at the demonstration for the general strike in a crowded Piazza del Popolo in Rome. “Are we out of time? No, we are at the beginning of this battle”, says Landini: “Being able to do it with this strength and this consensus in the country strengthens us”.

He echoes him Pierpaolo Bombardieri, leader of the Uil, in the square from which the CISL took off instead. “Today there are five squares full. It is strange to say that we do not represent the real country, those who are left behind – he attacks – We ask the government to make different choices. The country needs answers, which so far are not enough”.

Strike 16 December by CGIL and UIL. Planes, trains, local transport: what stops. Demonstration in Rome and in four cities

Explaining the reasons for the protest, Landini said that “in some moments the majority, which is so large, preferred to find a solution internally rather than discussing with the social partners, as happened in the tax authorities: and this is causing a distance between the needs of the real country and politics, which is increasingly closing in on itself and the problem does not arise that by now half of its electoral body does not go to vote and does not feel represented by this policy “.

“The data that is coming to us tells us that people want a change – he added – The world does not end with the Budget law, on the contrary, work begins. We ask for a change in the world of work, pension reform, a decree against relocation and an industrial policy for development “. And before taking the stage in Piazza del Popolo: “They found the solution by scrapping the folders. It is another choice that distances politics from the country. Today is the start of a mobilization because this country must be changed . Today there is a request to participate and the trade union performs the function of channeling this social unease in a process that has the objective of strengthening democracy. But to do so it is necessary to strengthen work, the right to have decent work and not. precarious”.

The reactions of politics

From politics, there is the hard judgment of the League: “We are facing a farce strike against Italy and the workers, the CGIL will help us to rebuild the country rather than block it”, says the leader Matteo Salvini. “I hope that there is no disconnect with the country – he says instead Giuseppe Conte, leader of the M5s, on the sidelines of the Coldiretti assembly – We are experiencing a difficult situation, clearly there is a widespread malaise that the political class cannot overlook. The 5-star Movement continues to foster dialogue, social cohesion is very important, and therefore next week I will meet the trade unions and trade associations to understand their reasons. “He reacts to Bombardieri’s statements also Carlo Calenda: “For Bombardieri the rest of Italy is an unreal country. The claim to represent the whole country ‘good and industrious’ against ‘the buildings’ is not only an example of trade union populism but also a ridiculous statement, given the privileges of the leaders trade unions, “he writes on Twitter. “The strike is always legitimate and must be respected, but it still represents the failure of a negotiation and it is a real shame because it can become a boomerang for CGIL and UIL”, according to Anna Maria Bernini presiding over the senators of Fi.


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