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Germany stops, strikes by Lufthansa and train drivers

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Germany stops, strikes by Lufthansa and train drivers

MILAN – New strike of staff of

land of Lufthansa in Germany, this time for two days. The public sector union “Ver.Di” has announced aabstention from work from 4.00 on Thursday and 7.10 on Saturday. There have already been some lately two waves of warning strikes in the wage dispute ongoing for approx 25,000 ground employeeseach of which paralyzed passenger traffic.

The former Lufthansa

Last week Lufhansa ground staff had sworked in the technical and goods handling departments. The next round of talks is scheduled for March 13th and 14th and the union is willing to return to the negotiating table only if Lufthansa makes a new offer. Verdi asks for a salary increase of 12.5% it’s a inflation compensation bonus for a period of one year. The company has so far offered 10% higher pay for 28 months.

The stop of the train drivers

Il German Machinists’ Union (GDL) he called a new strikethis time of 35 ore, which will start at two in the morning on Thursday. The head of the GDL itself announced this in a press conference, Claus Weselsky.

The agitation occurs in the context of a dispute he has already caused four abstentions from work since November and the longest strike in the history of German railways, the six-day strike at the end of January. In previous strikes the agitation stopped around 80% of the convoys.

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