Home Business Giorgetti: “From February bills down by 40%”. So the big gas rush stopped

Giorgetti: “From February bills down by 40%”. So the big gas rush stopped

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TURIN. The collapse in gas prices will also have an impact on bills. The announcement comes from Giancarlo Giorgetti, the Minister of Economy: “We expect that from the beginning of February costs could drop by around 40%” he says. And he explains that the government is working on a mechanism «for which consumption in line with the previous ones is paid at a price that I have defined as “political” and with prices that follow the market for surpluses, to reward the virtuous and those who save in consumption”. The government has already intervened, with an emergency solution: about 21 billion out of 35 of the Budget law have been allocated against high energy prices, especially for the first three months of 2023, including cuts in system charges, 5% VAT, corporate tax and social bonuses.

The roller coaster of costs
According to the associations, if in 2022 the price of electricity more than doubled (+142 per cent), going from 125 (2021 average) to 303 euros per MWh (2022 average), that of gas, on the other hand, has even risen by 167 percent, rising from 46 euros (2021 average) to 123 euros (2022 average). The worst, however, seems to be behind us now. In fact, in the first 26 days of 2023, an analysis indicates, the average price of energy fell to 176 euros and that of gas to 68 euros. Amounts, the latter, however higher by 190 and 240 percent respectively if compared with those of the beginning of 2021.

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