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Giorgetti on Tim: ‘Golden Power? Premature to talk about special powers’

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“To speak at the current state of exercise of special powers is premature, because we will have to await the developments with the contents of the operation that will be examined from the point of view of strategic profiles”. Thus the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, responding to a question on the Tim affair at the Question Time in the Chamber. «There is a lot of interest in this initiative – he added – despite the fact that we are in a prodromal phase and this is positive. The Government has already activated and is monitoring with the control room desired by President Draghi ».

Why a US fund is interested in Tim: we explain the treasure that the company hides

“In recent days, the Government has kept a dry communication profile, exactly what the affair requires,” added the minister. “Even the press release from the ministry of economy and finance, which some interpreted as a favorable position, limited itself to saying something absolutely obvious and which is part of our daily business. And I’m talking about the attempt to convince international subjects to invest in Italy ».

The plan for the two Tims, the network in a company with thirty thousand employees

francesco spini

Then the mention of possible future scenarios. “The government will carefully evaluate the possible exercise of its prerogatives, the national strategic interests, the future of the company and the prospects concerning the company, the employees, the infrastructure and the services provided”, concluded Giorgetti.

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