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Give the Digital Innovation Hub the boost for digital growth

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Give the Digital Innovation Hub the boost for digital growth


Over 1900 tests carried out, based on a set of 150 closed questions which probe the company on some strategic aspects, examine the production process (divided into eight management macro-processes), evaluate the degree of “intelligence” of the product and analyze the structure from design to supply chain management (internal/external) as well as the maturity level of the product(s), thus offering the possibility for the company to start determining any new scenarios related to the opportunity to capitalize on the data generated by the product in the logic of new services to be provided on the market.

58% of this sample is represented by micro-small enterprises, with mechatronics and mechanics, metallurgy, chemistry, rubber and plastic accounting for half of the total, with 9 out of 10 enterprises engaged in B2B.

The result

The overall result, on a scale from 1 to 5 (maximum digital maturity) is close to the intermediate level (3), with an evident positive correlation with respect to company size, as digital progress also increases as it increases. However, there is still a long way to go, bearing in mind that only 5% of companies are found above level 4 and 60% of companies have values ​​below three.

The general index, standing at 2.85, is the result of fairly homogeneous behaviors, with low points in the technology area (2.74%) and better performances in the process execution part. Production, in particular, was the most digitized area in every sector, with results always above level three.

Advanced logistics, ICT and mechatronics-mechanics are the sectors with the best performances, while construction, paper-wood, textiles and commerce are at the bottom of the ranking.

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