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Gkn, three proposals for the reindustrialization of Campi di Bisenzio

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The advisor appointed by Gkn collected three expressions of interest in the reindustrialisation of the Campi Bisenzio (Florence) factory that the multinational has decided to dispose of. This is what Gkn itself reveals in a letter sent to the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Labor, the Tuscany Region, the trade unions, the RSU and Confindustria Firenze. Gkn, the letter reads, therefore asks for an “urgent convocation of the trade union table”, hopefully “within the current week or in the very first days of the next one”.

The reindustrialisation plan

The advisor, explains Gkn Driveline Firenze in the letter, “has prepared a reindustrialization plan submitted with positive feedback to potential investors, currently collecting three proposals that require immediate discussion, starting with the performance of a due diligence on the production site and a verification of the skills of the workers “. The proposals, the company claims, are “the best possible at the state of the art”, and “go beyond the usual regulatory provisions on the subject”.

Gkn: shared road is needed

Gkn therefore invokes “the necessary conditions, in terms of dialogue and reciprocal collaboration, so that a shared path and a path of accords to be identified in a short time that recomposes the different positions by systematizing the decision to cease the company and with it the business activity, on the one hand, and the concrete possibility of offering people tools capable not only of cushioning but even perhaps resolving the situation of social and occupational hardship, on the other ».

Gkn, workers in celebration after the lifting of the layoffs

The redundancy fund for cessation of activity

According to the company, “to avoid the withdrawal of these proposals” it is necessary that “by the end of November” there is a “trade union and institutional discussion aimed at identifying the technical tools necessary to allow the material implementation of the reindustrialisation process, starting from the verification on the instrument of the redundancy fund for termination of activity which would allow immediate routing of the route “.

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The reactions of Fiom

«The resumption of production and the safeguarding of employment are the conditions for opening discussions with the company. The government is now playing its part ”. Thus Michele De Palma, Fiom-Cgil national secretary and Daniele Calosi, Fiom-Cgil general secretary Florence, Prato and Pistoia comment on the letter sent this morning by Gkn to institutions and trade unions to ask for an urgent meeting to be called. “We are not like Fiom-Cgil aware of any demonstration of interest. If there were any, we would have expected a ministerial disclosure first. The union is by its nature an active party in a dispute, it does not carry out notarial activities. The last meeting with the Government took place on 7 October last and since then no discussions have been opened on the anti-relocation decree and the Ministry sent us the minutes with the positions expressed by the parties, but it was not presented to us by Gkn. the advisor ”, they explain.

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