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Glencore, investment of 5 million for the production of lithium

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Glencore, investment of 5 million for the production of lithium

An immediate investment, which is worth 5 million euros, and one in perspective and in the definition phase which is potentially worth around 400. Glencore focuses on the materials necessary for the production of batteries. And both the agreements signed at an international level and those concerning Italy and, specifically, the Portovesme and San Gavino plants managed by the subsidiary Portovesme srl fit into this perspective.

On the international scene, an agreement was signed just a few days ago with Ace Green Recycling, a leading company in the circular economy and engaged in the recycling of lead and lithium.

Lithium production

On a purely national level, however, the perspective is represented by two projects. One concerns what is called a pilot project for the production of lithium for the construction of batteries. Presented both to the Region and to the social partners and local institutions concerned, it envisages an investment by the company of five and a half million euros. For its construction, which has been estimated in 36 months starting from June 2023, 15,000 units have been hypothesized, while once the plant has started up, a production of 15,500 tons of lithium per year.

Portovesme smelter conversion

The second project, which concerns the perspective and is currently under study, instead envisages a conversion of the smelter present in Portovesme and a total investment of nearly half a billion. In this case the hypothesis is to adapt the plants in which lead, zinc, copper, gold and silver are produced today, for the production of manganese, lithium, cobalt with the transformation of the processes.

The whole package is under analysis and the necessary evaluation (between Glencore and the Chinese partnership) concerns the whole system. The starting point of this conversion which, as insiders point out, “aims to innovate the international industrial scenario”, the Cd lead plant, the Sx plant and classic leaching and the zinc one. Structures compatible with new technologies.

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