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Glencore Portovesme, dispute still open

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Glencore Portovesme, dispute still open

The Glencore Portovesme dispute remains open. Waiting for the new government to arrive and the energy issue to be resolved. In addition to the proposal of a bilateral agreement to restart production.

Meeting at the Mise

In the field, the company that confirms the Cig but also leaves a door open to new projects and the trade unions which, while reiterating their opposition to social safety nets, are asking for a government commitment. The meeting at Mise to address the issue relating to the future of Glencore Portoesme, the metallurgical company that between Portovesme and Villacidro deals with the production of lead, zinc, sulfuric acid, gold, silver and copper, is updated on when the new one will take office. government.

Company confirms Cig

During the meeting at the Mise between the representatives of Glencore Portovesme, the representatives of the Mite, the Region and the trade unions, the company (which today, due to the high costs of energy, has slowed down production and sent 400 workers to Cig) confirmed the intention to stop the lead line and make use of social safety nets for another 200 employees. A decision motivated by the fact that the Energy release measure does not meet one’s needs and the cost of energy continues to rise. And it is always the question of energy that determines the future of the plant that the representatives of the Region have defined as strategic.

Batteries on the horizon

On the horizon, in fact, there is a relaunch plan that should go through a reconditioning of the plants to arrive at the production of materials useful for the “construction of new generation batteries”. «This would allow Glencore to become the leading company in Europe, benefiting from consolidated plants and an experienced, mature and specialized workforce – is the underlining of the representatives of the regional council Alessandra Zedda, Anita Pili and Gianni Lampis after the summit -. During the production transition phase, the Region made itself available to invest in the training of workers ».

The unions: no blank Cig

The trade unions, which are now awaiting the actions of the next government, leave the discussion table open but do not hide their caution. «The company confirms the path traced due to expensive energy, and the fact that the Energy release does not meet the needs – comments Francesco Garau, Filctem regional secretary -. Instead, he confirms the study launched to initiate a change in production towards the materials for the batteries of the future. As trade unions we reject the blank Cig, strongly emphasizing the fact that the main problem to be solved is that of the energy issue ».

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