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Glory Zhao Ming: From MagicUI to MagicOS, why did we do this- DoNews

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Glory Zhao Ming: From MagicUI to MagicOS, why did we do this- DoNews

Guo Ruiqi 2022-11-29 16:12:24

DoNews news on November 29 (Guo Ruiqi) A few days ago, Honor held a press conference to officially release the folding flagship Honor Magic Vs series and the aesthetic benchmark Honor 80 series. These are the first mobile phone products equipped with the new Honor MagicOS 7.0 operating system.

Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor Terminal, said at the press conference, “Honor will use the certainty of strategic investment to face the uncertainty of the future, and use MagicOS as a new strategic fulcrum to realize the explosion of products and solutions in the third year, and serve consumers It brings the experience that the more you use it, the better you use it, and the more you use it, the more you understand it.”

After the press conference, Zhao Ming accepted an exclusive interview with the media including DoNews. For Honor, this year is also a very special year, and it is also a year when Honor is ready to launch. Why did Honor choose to launch MagicOS at this time? ?

In this regard, Zhao Ming said that the value and role of MagicOS as a new strategic fulcrum for future Honor business development is very clear. In fact, while Honor builds powerful hardware capabilities, we must unswervingly deploy in consumer experience and boost.

As for Honor’s transformation from MagicUI to MagicOS, Zhao Ming said frankly that the development of software and operating systems has always had such seeds since the launch of the first generation of Magic. What is the business model used by consumers in the future? .

“I think there are three points. The first is to break the boundaries of devices; the second is to trust each other and run smoothly between devices; the third is that the entire experience of AI used to be isolated, but people are independent and need to be constructed and Think about the future system and system development.” Zhao Ming said.

In addition, we also discussed with Zhao Ming the technical aspects of the system.

The following is the transcript of the interview (edited):

Q: What is the strategic significance of Honor choosing to launch MagicOS at this time?

Zhao Ming: The value and role of MagicOS as a new strategic fulcrum for future Honor business development is very clear. While Honor builds powerful hardware capabilities, we must unswervingly deploy and improve consumer experience. MagicOS is actually based on Honor’s business logic and strategy. It is built around consumer-centric business logic. It integrates Honor’s full-scenario devices through the MagicRing trust ring, and at the same time through the Magic Live smart engine To support the services required by consumers.

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In the new era, we are still optimistic about the growth of the entire smartphone business, as well as all scenarios, such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, wearables and other devices. A single device’s service to consumers is also highly limited. The combination and fusion of multiple devices, providing a complete solution to serve consumers together, will definitely become a rigid demand and necessity in the future. Therefore, the full-scenario operating system It is also a future-proof operating system.

Q: What is the change idea of ​​Honor from MagicUI to MagicOS?

Zhao Ming: The development of software and operating systems has always had such seeds since the launch of the first generation of Magic. In the past (before the release of MagicOS), it was more of an isolated and discrete Magic Live wisdom. The concept of an engine to enable various services needs to be built systematically today. The trajectory of human activities and the trajectory of human business life are continuous, and the single, isolated, decentralized, and discrete AI concepts and business logic are obviously not future-oriented. When growing and breaking through, we must break out of the original system. If we can break the existing things, then what should we break? What needs to be broken is the boundary of devices, from mobile phones to tablets, to notebooks, to wearables, etc., the boundaries of devices must be broken.

After breaking, whether its circulation is subject to many constraints and restrictions, which requires mutual trust, smooth operation between multiple devices, and the concept of trust ring came out. The entire experience of AI used to be isolated and based on certain scenarios, but human activities are continuous, and the needs must be more continuous and complete. In fact, this also needs to be broken, such as we say based on the future of consumers When building and thinking about the future system and system development according to the needs of the society, MagicOS actually took shape naturally.

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Q: What are the most innovative technical points behind the trust ring?

Zhao Ming: From the point of view of the trust ring, there are basically six key modules and functions. The first is high-efficiency, high-speed, low-power connection capabilities. This credible, efficient, and high-speed looping logic is by far the most difficult. Of course, the efficiency and low power consumption of looping today will definitely continue to develop and evolve in each generation in the future, but at present Speaking of which, only Glory has this ability. Second, break different operating systems. For example, today there are PC OS, Android OS, and IoT operating system. There are great differences in many mechanisms between different operating systems, so that different systems can establish the following Identity authentication is the core environment and mechanism.

The integrated service flow and decision-making system between multiple devices and multiple systems requires cross-device and cross-system. This is also a problem we have to solve when building a trust ring. These functions are also realized with the support of platform-level AI. Magic Live is a platform-level AI. It is precisely because of the central-level decision-making system and mechanism that Magic Live makes possible a large-scale fusion and large-flow service circulation system in the trust ring. This is the platform-level and systematic capability that we have built step by step in the past few years. We have made changes in organizational and development architecture, operation, and business logic to support our trust ring technology today.

Q: AI learning needs to capture user data and habits. What specific considerations are there in terms of user privacy and data security protection?

Zhao Ming: From the very beginning of building Magic Live, we have always put the privacy and security protection of users in the most important position, so the machine identification of user intentions and related personal data must be processed on the mobile phone side. One point is always our highest priority and the basic requirement for all work. The data related to the cloud needs to be processed by data difference technology. Firstly, the user’s personal information should not be included, and secondly, noise processing should be performed. Second, all AI machine learning and intent recognition must be based on consumer authorization. At the same time, the privacy protection of the Magic Live smart engine has also passed ePrivacy certification, and we comply with the most stringent privacy and security related standards in the world.

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Q: Some mobile phone manufacturers say that they will not be a pure mobile phone company. Has Honor changed its position?

Zhao Ming: Our positioning has not changed at present. We are still a provider of products and solutions that integrate mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wearables and other devices. We focus on consumers and user-centered logic to create Our products and solutions.

On the boundary, first of all, in the field of core products and solutions, we have always insisted on having sufficient strategic control points, that is, we will continue to build root technologies downwards, deepen our cultivation in this field, and achieve the leading or even the number one position in the industry. We will expand to the surrounding industries. Otherwise, we will dabble in every field, but if we don’t go deep into each field, we think that the development will not last long. This is also the strategy and viewpoint of Honor all the time.

Q: How many R&D engineers have been invested in MagicOS7.0, and how much is the R&D expenditure invested?

Zhao Ming: Since becoming independent in 2020, there have been engineers entering the corresponding research and development one after another. This situation continued until around the end of last year. We even integrated all relevant resources together and established the MagicOS development and solution company. The planning department manages comprehensively. It should be said that we have a scale of thousands of people. If we say earlier, it took more than a year and a half to build our MagicOS system. Today is to let consumers see that what MagicOS brings is really what an operating system should look like in the future-oriented, all-scenario era. I believe everyone has seen this shadow, but it will continue to grow and improve. It will get better and better.

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