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Google Maps update flop: the new colors and graphics make users angry

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Google Maps update flop: the new colors and graphics make users angry

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Google Maps changes color and angers millions of users. The new colors chosen for Android and Apple iOS have created a long trail of controversy. The reason is linked to the abandonment of yellow on the streets to make room for a grey/green. The outlines of lakes and parks are also less clear and in many cases you have to zoom in to get a clearer view. Doubts also came from former Google employees, such as Elizabeth Laraki who collaborated on the development and design of Google Maps at its debut.

Google Maps in stile Apple

Another criticism comes from a certain similarity with Apple maps, a comparison which for the average Google user is equivalent to a real affront. After all, Apple maps have never shone in any functional aspect.

Even in our tests of use, the Google Maps update is not convincing: the graphics create uncertainty in the junctions and in understanding the route. And this obviously also happens with Android Auto and not just when using the smartphone. An update will probably arrive but it is not known if and when. After all, we are used to sensational errors from Google and sensational bugs on Android Auto: from reading messages to the recent problems with compatibility with Android 14. And every time we have had to wait months for problems to be resolved and often a defect has been resolved, here’s what others arrive.

In addition to the color problem, Mountain View should also work on the exact pronunciation of street names. An example? Via Silvio Pellico, who became for Google not only a poet, writer and patriot but also a saint. San Pellico. Google it again.

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