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Gpi: wins tender worth 5.9 million for Pathological Anatomy software in Veneto

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GPI, active in Information Systems and Health and Social Services, was awarded the tender for the creation of the digital solution of Pathological Anatomy (AP) for the Health Authorities of the Veneto Region.

The contract is worth € 5.9 million, lasts 4 years and provides for the supply of the AP software to all the departments and services of the Health Authorities of the Veneto Region. The AP software will be used during daily clinical and scientific activities and will handle over 2.5 million histology slides annually. For agreements within the RTI with which Gpi participates in the assignments of the Consip Framework Agreement, almost the entire amount will be attributed to Gpi.

Exploiting the cross-selling potential resulting from the recent acquisition of the majority of the Tesi Group, Gpi will make use of the skills of the information system designed and developed by Tesi with latest generation web technology, to manage the entire traceability process of the AP laboratories, from sample acceptance to assisted reporting.

The supply also includes a system for archiving images of virtualized histology slides and a dedicated image viewer. The supplied solution will interface with the laboratory instrumentation and will be integrated with the Electronic Health Record. A Business Intelligence dashboard will also be created to carry out productivity and diagnostic quality surveys. Furthermore, in terms of innovation, some Artificial Intelligence algorithms will be implemented to improve diagnoses through the evaluation of biopsies and predictive prognostic biomarkers.

The tender awarded by the Veneto Region, like the one for the Electronic Medical Record of Lombardy, falls within the category of restricted procedure tenders envisaged by the Consip Framework Agreement relating to “Digital healthcare – clinical-assistance information systems” (maximum limit of €900 million) and will use the resources provided by the PNRR Mission 6 Health.

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