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GraniteShares offers ETFs for every taste

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GraniteShares offers ETFs for every taste

After a 2022 characterized by high inflation, restrictive central bank policies and geopolitical upheaval, the situation could change for investors in 2023. The promising signals from the strong labor market and with rising wages could prolong cycles of rate hikes at a time when the risk of an impending recession worries investors more and more along with the recent turmoil in the financial system. Investors are therefore looking for products capable of satisfying the multiple needs of those who want to reposition their portfolios in the current uncertainty.

In tale scenario, Will Rhind, Founder and CEO of ETP provider/fund manager GraniteSharesin an interview granted to FinanzaOnline explains to us how the products of the ETP issuer, with around 1.5 billion dollars of assets under management, are able to meet the needs of professional traders and investors who wish to carry out an operation short or long term on some of the most important stocks in the world.

What are the strengths of your offer?

“The GraniteShares range of both long and short leveraged equity ETFs allows investors to amplify returns on individual stock trading. If we take the GraniteShares 3X Tesla ETF product (ticker code 3LTS) as an example, the product is designed to deliver 3x the return on the Tesla stock price in one day.

The GraniteShares range of instruments also offers investors theopportunity to profit from falling prices of stocks thanks to the range of Short ETFs. Take Tesla again, GraniteShares 3X Short Tesla ETF (3STS) allows traders to profit from falling stock price. GraniteShares offers the largest range of leveraged single share ETFs in Italy, providing exposure to the most popular Italian and US companies.”

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Can your tools help investors generate value even in a highly volatile market environment like the current one?

“The GraniteShares range of short and leveraged single stock ETFs can be very useful in volatile environments as they are, first and foremost, trading products that can help traders capture short-term moves up or down in stocks . In this market context, it is important to know that it is possible earn from both falling and rising stock prices and the GraniteShares product range allows traders to do both. At the moment, there is a lot of concern about banks and the banking system in general. GraniteShares offers many short and long ETFs on banks, both UK and Italian”.

What are the main trends you have observed among retail investors?

“The main trend is that investors manage the majority of their assets themselves. They are, in practice, using less financial advisors or banks and they use more investments in ETFs or stocks. We see it in the United States and also in Europe. In Italy, we see the GraniteShares business grow as more and more investors become aware of the offer and the opportunity it creates for those who enjoy actively trading.

At times, it can be very difficult for Italian investors to access US equities and the GraniteShares range of products easily allows within the trading hours of the Italian stock market, without the need to fill out a W8-BEN (IRS tax form).” Individuals residing in Italy who receive payments from US entities must complete this form to avoid the application of the 30% withholding tax that the US should withhold on their payments.

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Are you planning to expand your product range with new underlyings or types?

“We are always looking for an expansion of the offer and are currently working on new products to launch this year. We will always evaluate market conditions and seek to offer investors the best possible range of products to meet their investment objectives.”

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