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Great Wall Motors: 86,965 car sales in May increased 6.18% year-on-year

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Original title: Great Wall Motor: 86,965 cars sold in May, an increase of 6.18% year-on-year

June 8th,Great Wall MotorTonightannouncement, Car sales in May were 86,965 units, a year-on-year increase of 6.18%. In May, 3597 new energy vehicles were sold, and the cumulative sales from January to May were 41,804.

May 25,Great Wall MotorOfficially released “Great Wall MotorCo., Ltd. 2021 Stock Option Incentive Plan (Draft)”, “Great Wall MotorLimited Share Incentive Plan for Limited by Shares in 2021 (Draft)”, it is proposed to grant 397,101 million stock options to 8,784 incentive objects, and 43.184 million restricted shares to 586 incentive objects.

up to now,Great Wall MotorIn 2020 and 2021, the total number of grantees of the equity incentive plan is 10,669, accounting for 16.89% of the total number of employees.Great Wall MotorIt aims to form a new “community of interests” by building an innovative long-term incentive mechanism, and effectively promote the transformation of employees from “workers” to “partners”.

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