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Gree cancels all overtime work and gives a good head to the manufacturing industry

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On November 18th, Dong Mingzhu appearedGree ElectricHeld the 30th anniversary celebration. At the celebration, many employees wrote their wishes for a “double break” on the signature wall.Dong Mingzhu responded that he hoped that within a yearGree ElectricIt is best to have day shifts, no night shifts, but when society needs it, you still have to let go of yourself. This news rushed to the hot search. Some netizens said, “Is it a social need or your capital need?” “Do companies or entrepreneurs have to let go of themselves” “Does Gree want 996 blessings?”

November 22,Gree ElectricAn internal notice was issued saying that after the implementation of the two-day work system, all overtime work will be cancelled for 7 hours a day. For those who really need to work overtime, the department shall apply for approval and report to the enterprise management department for record. The department will arrange for the subsequent transfer of overtime. .

It seems that Dong Mingzhu’s “let go of oneself” may mean that the company “let go of oneself” and pay more attention to the interests of employees. When employees need to work overtime legally and compliantly, they also let go of themselves instead of unconditionally refusing to work overtime. This can be seen more clearly from Dong Mingzhu’s two talks this year.

In March of this year, Dong Mingzhu talked about the reason why an employee left Gree because he was dissatisfied with Gree working more overtime. Dong Mingzhu said that Gree needs to work overtime, and those who cannot obey the organization’s arrangements can choose to leave. In the April “We Who Are New to the Workplace”, Dong Mingzhu said that he did not allow employees to work overtime. Supervisors are also specially set up to allow employees who have nothing to do to leave work earlier.

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Dong Mingzhu is not ignorant of the law, nor does it not feel bad for workers. Gree treats employees well in terms of employee welfare. This time, we have adopted the staff’s suggestion to adjust the single-off work system to the two-day work system, which is even more emotional.

In August this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Supreme Law clearly stated that the “996” work system is a serious violation of the law. This month, the company implemented the “1075 work system”, that is, to go to work at 10 in the morning and leave at 7 in the evening, working 5 days a week. Tencent will also implement the 965 work system. Then Inspur Group appeared fancy “overtime slogan”, which was questioned by public opinion about “committing crimes against the wind.” It can be seen that resisting “overtime work culture” has become a social consensus.

However, not engaging in the “996” work system does not mean that employees can refuse legal and compliant overtime arranged by the company. The labor law stipulates that due to production and business needs, employers can extend their working hours after consultation with the labor union and workers, generally not exceeding one hour per day; if the working hours need to be extended due to special reasons, under the conditions of ensuring the health of the workers The extended working hours shall not exceed three hours per day, but shall not exceed thirty-six hours per month. As long as the company strictly implements this regulation, employees should let go of themselves. Especially for the manufacturing industry, sometimes the company does not have the final say on the orders delivered to the company. When encountering urgent orders, employees have to work overtime urgently. Employees should understand that they have to work together with the company. After all, there are more orders and employees’ income. It is more secure.

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Gree canceled all overtime work, which also gave the manufacturing industry a good head. For the manufacturing industry, in order to allow employees to work overtime in accordance with the requirements of the labor law, companies have to accelerate technological innovation, increase employee training, shift to a more technologically new manufacturing industry, and shift to a path of integration between manufacturing and service industries. In order to improve work efficiency and profit levels, so that employees have more welfare guarantees, can also solve the problem of recruitment difficulties.

(Article source: Oriental Net)


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