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Gree Electric intends to spend 3 billion yuan to invest in Dun’an Environment Dun’an Environment daily limit_new energy

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Original title: Gree Electric intends to spend 3 billion yuan to invest in Dunan Environment Dunan Environment daily limit

Economic Observer Network reporter Li Huaqing In early trading today, Dun’an Environment increased its volume limit, with a turnover of more than 980 million yuan.

On the evening of November 16, Gree Electric (000651.SZ) issued an outbound investment announcement. The announcement introduced that Gree Electric intends to acquire the Dunan Environment held by Zhejiang Dunan Precision Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dunan Precision”). (002011.SZ) 29.48% of the shares, the share transfer price is about 2.19 billion yuan, and at the same time, it is planned to subscribe in cash for the 139,414,802 shares of Dunan Environment’s non-public offering, and the subscription price is about 810 million yuan.

After the above-mentioned share transfer transaction is completed, Gree Electric will become the controlling shareholder of Dun’an Environment, and if the transaction to subscribe for the non-public offering of shares is also successfully completed, Gree Electric will hold 38.78% of Dun’an Environment’s shares.

Previously, on November 10, Dunan Environment issued an announcement introducing that it received a notice from the controlling shareholder Dunan Precision. In order to resolve financial debts, Dunan Precision decided to transfer the company’s shares pledged to creditors of financial institutions by agreement. The transfer may be possible. As a result, the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller changed, so it applied for a trading suspension. On November 17, Dunan Environment’s stock price directly rose by the limit after trading resumed.

Gree Electric stated that the transfer and subscription of DunAn Environmental shares is an important measure for the company to build a diversified, technologically-oriented global industrial group, ensure the independent control of core components, improve the industrial chain layout, and further consolidate its business competitive advantages.

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Gree Electric believes that Dunan Environment’s air-conditioning and refrigeration components business has deep technical accumulation and better manufacturing capabilities, and the new energy thermal manager related product matrix is ​​complete. The company is optimistic about Dunan Environment as a leading company in the global refrigeration components industry. It is planned to further improve the competitiveness of the upstream core components of air conditioners and the stability of the supply chain through investment in DunAn Environment, and to develop in coordination with DunAn Environment’s business to improve the industrial layout of core parts of new energy vehicles.

In the field of refrigeration components, according to industry online data, in the second quarter of 2021, the market share of Dunan environmental shut-off valves, four-way valves, electronic expansion valves, and solenoid valves reached 41.5%, 44.3%, 25.2%, and 13.3%, respectively. , Ranked first, first, third, and second in the domestic market of sub-categories.

In the field of thermal management for new energy vehicles, DunAn Environment has established business cooperation with auto companies such as BYD, Geely, Changan, SAIC, and FAW.

In the field of new energy vehicles, Gree Electric recently controlled 47.93% of Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd.’s voting rights through judicial auctions and entrusted shares with voting rights, turning Yinlong New Energy into the company’s holding subsidiary.

Gree Electric reminded that Dunan Environment currently has a certain amount of debt pressure, and the net operating cash flow and asset disposal withdrawal funds of Dunan Environment in the future will also need to be used to pay off financial debts.

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If Gree Electric successfully wins its controlling position in Dun’an Environment, it is still necessary to resolve the issue of horizontal competition between the two parties. At present, Gree Electric and DunAn Environmental produces commercial air conditioners (chillers) and HVAC equipment products used in nuclear power and data communication fields. There is competition in the same industry.

Gree Electric promises that if the transaction goes smoothly, within five years after the completion of the acquisition, through mergers and acquisitions, asset disposal, equity transfer, business operation entrustment, equity entrustment, or granting new business opportunities to Dun’an Environment and its controlled companies, etc. To solve the existing problems of horizontal competition in various ways, Gree Electric will also take necessary and possible measures to prevent the company and other subsidiaries from recurring business or activities that constitute horizontal competition with Dunan Environment’s main business during the period of control of the Dunan environment .Return to Sohu to see more


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