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Green certification for the wreck that has become a racing boat

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Green certification for the wreck that has become a racing boat

A circular economy project that has made it possible to transform a wreck into one of the best performing racing boats in the world. The protagonists of this “miracle” made in Italy are Arca Fondi sgr and Fast & Furio sailing team, a professional team of established sailors captained by the internationally renowned skipper Furio Benussi.

The project has now allowed the refurbished boat, baptized Maxi-yacht 100 Arca sgr, to achieve, thanks to the technical support offered by Mapping lca, the first Epd (Environmental Product Declaration) certification in the naval sector.

2.5 million investment

The operation, explains Benussi, “is the result of four years of work, with an investment of 2.5 million euros”, in which the sponsor Arca Fondi participated for a share, which also made available, underlines the CEO Ugo Loeser, «the experience we are able to offer in project management».

The Maxi-Yacht Arca 100 was found at the end of 2018 by Furio Benussi, who had been looking for it for some time, abandoned in a small shipyard on the island of Menorca. In 2019, the Boreas project (Boat recycle in action for sailing project) starts, which immediately involves Arca Fondi as sponsor of the initiative.

Boreas aims to provide the Fast & Furio sailing team with a fast and competitive racing boat, minimizing the environmental impact (and also the economic one), which can be associated with the construction from scratch of a boat with the same technical and performance.

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