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Growney new customer campaign: Get a bonus of up to 100 euros now!

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Growney new customer campaign: Get a bonus of up to 100 euros now!

As part of a new customer campaign, Growney offers a bonus of 100.00 euros. PR/Business Insider

Growney is a robo-advisor for digital investments. Investors do not need any prior knowledge to use Growney.

The service offers the opportunity to pay into ETF savings plans from just 25.00 euros. The minimum investment for one-off investments is only 500.00 euros.

Until April 30, 2024, new customers will receive a bonus of 100.00 euros if they successfully register with Growney and set up a savings plan or make a one-time investment of at least 2,000.00 euros. To secure the bonus, all you have to do is enter the promo code APRIL2024. Click here to register directly with Growney*.

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to invest money is becoming increasingly easier – even for newcomers to the stock market without any prior knowledge. We have this Robo-advisors and online brokers thanks to those who have democratized access to the securities market. They are uncomplicated, inexpensive and there are only a few requirements that new investors have to meet. They offer ETF savings plans or one-time investments, in which – compared to conventional securities trading – smaller amounts can also be invested. This means that more and more people have the opportunity to systematically build up assets or start planning for retirement. One provider that could be suitable for this is the robo-advisor Growney*. What you should know about him and How do you secure a new customer bonus of 100.00 euros?



Growney: What does the robo-advisor offer?

Growney* is a robo-advisor that gives its users the Digital investments made possible through regular deposits into ETF savings plans or one-off investments. The aim is to build up your own assets, manage them or make provisions for your pension. Growney offers one large selection of ETFs and stocks. Including: More than 5000 securities from 45 countries. The robo-advisor relies on various, partly sustainable investment strategies with different risks and return opportunities. That’s what Growney does above all else for newbies interesting for those who are not yet very familiar with securities trading. But professionals can also benefit from the convenient and uncomplicated digital investment.

How does Growney work?

The special thing about robo-advisors like Growney*: Investors must worry about almost nothing. That’s why they also bet hardly any prior knowledge in advance. Instead, Growney users only pay into their savings plan or one-time investment. Based on the chosen investment strategy, Growney then takes care of the securities trading. The robo-advisor offers maximum flexibility. So can the savings rate can be adjusted or paused at any time. Of course, the money can also be paid out if necessary. There are no minimum terms or notice periods.

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Investing at Growney: This is how registration works

To join in Growney* To be able to register, new customers first start a short process Online investment advicewhich, among other things, is theirs financial situationher Prior knowledge and your Willingness to take risks recorded. This is followed by a short questionnaire, which is used as the basis for the appropriate investment strategy. Users can Adjust strategy if necessary, before Growney takes care of opening a securities account at a German bank. Then the passive part begins. So all that’s left is that strategy to be implemented – for example, making regular payments into a savings plan or investing a certain amount once.

New customer promotion at Growney: Get a 100 euro bonus now

Until April 30, 2024 offers Growney* a promotional code. This means that new customers who open their account receive the Code APRIL2024 specify and then one Set up an ETF savings plan or make a one-off investmenta Bonus over 100.00 euros.

100 euro bonus at Growney: Requirement for using the voucher

The code is only available for new customers who had not yet opened an account, securities account or interest account with Growney before April 1, 2024. In order to receive the bonus, you must either: ETF savings plan set up with a monthly savings rate of at least 50.00 euros Or one One-off investment of at least 2000.00 euros made become. The savings plan must for at least a year savings must be made and the one-off investment must remain in the investment target for at least twelve months, before the bonus is paid out. This means that Growney will only transfer the 100.00 euros to the first active investment target twelve months after the end of the campaign, no later than May 31, 2025, and invest it automatically. Important: The promotion applies exclusively to ETF portfolios. Investment amounts in interest accounts cannot be taken into account.

Growney Promo Code Checklist

Bis April 30, 2024 Open ETF depot with Growney*

When registering Specify code APRIL2024

ETF Savings Plan with a monthly rate of at least 50.00 euros set it up and save for a year OR

Attachment in the amount of make at least 2000.00 euros and leave twelve months in the investment goal

bonus becomes transferred to the first investment target by May 31, 2025 and invested automatically

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Costs: What fees do Growney charge?

Many robo-advisors offer vouchers, promotions or bonuses to attract new users. These incentives are intended to make some providers overlook poor conditions. At Growney* Is not that the case. This is how the robo-advisor stands out transparent costs, prices and fees out of. The costs result from the portfolio value of investors. Accordingly, Growney calculates one Fee over 0.68 percent (per annum) with a deposit value that less than 50,000.00 euros is. From a value of 50,000.00 euros only 0.38 percent (per annum) due. The The fund cost amount to 0.14 percent to 0.23 percent (per annum). For investments of more than 250,000.00 euros, the advantageous conditions for Growney’s private banking apply (from 0.25 percent per annum).

The Growney fees at a glance

Depot valueCostup to 50,000.00 euros 0.68 percent (per annum) from 50,000.00 euros 0.38 percent (per annum)The fund cost0.06 percent to 0.22 percent (per annum)Sparplanfor free Custody feesincludingAccount feesincludingdaily allowancefor freeFixed depositfor freePrice listOne A list of all costs is available here

Minimum investment at Growney

The minimum investment at Growney is only 500,00 Euro for the one-time investment. For savings plans, the minimum installment is 25,00 Euro per version.

Which bank is behind Growney?

Growney* works with the Private bank Sutor Bank together. Customers’ money is invested there. Sutor Bank is a member of Federal Association of Deposit Protection Funds German banks. Growney himself is also an asset manager for the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) licensed, which speaks for the professionalism and seriousness of the robo-advisor.

Rating: Is it worth investing money with Growney?

Return-oriented investments (for example with savings plans) can generally be worthwhile. Especially with one long investment horizon The chance of making profits is good, as crises and crashes can be avoided and only sold at a favorable time. Therefore, you should be independent of the robo-advisor Only invest money that you can do without for the time being. The same applies to the one-time investment.

Compared to other providers, it stands out Growney* through his transparent and uncomplicated cost structure out of. This makes Growney the ideal provider for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much time with their savings plan or investments and instead just wants to have one easy-to-use robo-advisor looking for someone to do the work for them.

This is how Finanztest judges Growney

That is also convincing Financial test from Stiftung Warentest. The consumer organization tested Growney (and other providers) (July 2021 edition). For the test, the conditions of robo-advisors with portfolios of 40,000.00 euros and 100,000.00 euros were examined. Belongs in the 40,000.00 euro category Growney* with the good one Overall grade 1.8 among the test winners. This is due to the provider’s high level of transparency (quality rating “very good”). However, the annual costs are also somewhat high (quality rating “satisfactory”). Growney did even better in the Stiftung Warentest financial test in the 100,000.00 euro category. Here the robo-advisor was given the quality rating “very good” (grade: 1.3) for the best provider chosen. Growney also scores points in this category with its high level of transparency. Due to the lower costs for large investment amounts, the fees were also rated better (quality rating “good”).

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More information about Growney

Some more information about Growney* can be found summarized in this overview:

Fintech companies with Based in Berlin

Managing Director: Gerald Klein

Robo-advisor for the digital investment

Savings plans from 25.00 euros

One-off investments from 500.00 euros

Fee between 0.38 percent and 0.68 percent (per annum) of the deposit value

The fund cost between 0.06 percent and 0.22 percent (per annum) of the deposit value Collaboration with Sutor Bench (Member of the deposit protection fund of the Federal Association of German Banks)

Quality rating “good” (Portfolio of 40,000.00 euros) and “very good” (Portfolio of 100,000.00 euros) at Finanztest (issue 07/2021) promotional code APRIL2024 for a 100.00 euro bonus until April 30, 2024



Risk notice: Stocks, cryptocurrencies and investments are fundamentally associated with risk. A total loss of the capital invested cannot be ruled out. The articles, data and forecasts published are not a solicitation to buy or sell securities or rights. They also do not replace professional advice.

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