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Grupo Argos Celebrates 90 Years of Operations in Colombia and Looks Towards the Future

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Grupo Argos Celebrates 90 Years of Operations in Colombia and Looks Towards the Future

Grupo Argos Celebrates 90 Years of Operations in Colombia and 20 Other Countries

On February 27, Grupo Argos marked a significant milestone as it celebrated 90 years of operations in Colombia and 20 other countries. The conglomerate, which operates in various sectors including cement, energy, concessions, and real estate, has ambitious plans for the future.

Looking ahead, Grupo Argos is set to make substantial investments in new projects focused on non-conventional renewable energy, road and airport concessions, and expanding its cement business. However, to ensure the success of these plans, Jorge Mario Velásquez, president of Grupo Argos, emphasizes the importance of regulatory certainty and stability in the business environment.

As part of its growth strategy, Grupo Argos recently exchanged shares with Nutresa and Sura, leading to a shift in ownership structure. Velásquez also hinted at the possibility of selling cross-shareholdings between Grupo Argos and Sura to third parties in the future.

Reflecting on the company’s journey over the past 90 years, Velásquez highlighted the strategic transformation and expansion of Grupo Argos. The company has evolved into a diversified holding company with a strong presence in key sectors.

In terms of size, Grupo Argos boasts assets totaling around 53 trillion pesos, with significant revenue and profit figures. The company’s cement business, Cementos Argos, continues to be a key focus area for growth, with plans to expand into new markets such as the United States and Central America.

In the energy sector, Grupo Argos’s subsidiary, Celsia, is making strides in non-conventional renewable energies, with a focus on solar and wind projects. Velásquez stresses the importance of regulatory stability to attract investment in the energy sector and infrastructure projects.

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Looking ahead, Grupo Argos is poised to invest $2 billion in 2024, primarily in infrastructure projects in Colombia. The company is actively pursuing airport and road initiatives, including plans to expand the El Dorado airport and develop a second airport in Cartagena.

As Grupo Argos continues to explore new opportunities for growth and expansion, Velásquez remains open to potential railway projects in the future. He acknowledges the importance of reviving the country’s railway infrastructure and emphasizes the need for careful planning and strategic execution.

Overall, Grupo Argos’s 90th anniversary serves as a testament to the company’s resilience, adaptability, and commitment to driving sustainable development and growth in Colombia and beyond.

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