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Guangxi Companies Showcase Innovative Products at the 2023 World Manufacturing Conference

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2023 World Manufacturing Conference Showcases Guangxi’s Manufacturing Achievements and Advantages

HEFEI, Anhui Province – The 2023 World Manufacturing Conference commenced on September 20th with a grand opening ceremony. Highlighting this prestigious event were 10 Guangxi-based companies, proudly presenting their “competitive products” to exhibit the remarkable advancements the region has made in recent years in cultivating characteristic and advantageous industries, as well as promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector.

The significance of the 2023 World Manufacturing Conference as a platform to showcase Guangxi’s manufacturing enterprises prompted the establishment of a dedicated Guangxi pavilion. Ten distinguished companies, including SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangxi Huike Intelligent Display Co., Ltd., Guangxi Beigang New Materials Co., Ltd., and Geely Ten Guangxi, participated in the exhibition. These companies truly epitomized Guangxi’s characteristic and advantageous industries such as new energy vehicles, machinery, new materials, electronic information, specialty foods, and green home furnishings, successfully captivating the attention of numerous attendees.

One highly notable industry gaining prominence in Guangxi is new energy vehicles. Leading automobile manufacturer SAIC-GM-Wuling proudly showcased its new product, the Wuling Bingo new energy vehicle at the conference. With its fashionable retro style and compact, smart appearance, it has been warmly received by young individuals. The booth has been bustling with an enthusiastic crowd eager to get information about the vehicle. According to the on-site staff, since its launch at the end of March, more than 100,000 units of the Wuling Bingo have been sold.

Guangxi also shines in specialized, unique enterprises that demonstrate their expertise. For instance, Hepu Huilaibao unveiled its mountain tractor, which fills the gap in integrated agricultural machinery in hilly and mountainous regions. Meanwhile, Guilin Guanglong showcased its 3-inch wafer size, which is 2.25 times larger than that of its competitors, giving rise to unique processing and cost advantages. Additionally, Guangxi Sanyuan Huaxin Special Ceramics presented its micro-nano fiber silicon carbide products, which offer exceptional high-temperature durability and find applications in various sectors, including medical devices, automotive parts, and aerospace.

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The 2023 World Manufacturing Conference will run from September 20th to 24th in Hefei. This year’s theme, “Building the World Intelligently and Creating Beauty,” incorporates 60 critical activities, including the opening ceremony, keynote forums, project docking, and summit forums. The exhibition area covers an impressive 80,000 square meters, setting new records in both exhibitor numbers and exhibition space. (Reporter: Luo Wanli)

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