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Guests said|Wang Junhao: The business environment in Heilongjiang is very good

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March 18, 2023 18:09:44

Source: Leading News·Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Sun Mingyang, Wang Debin, Quan Siming, Liu Xiang

“I fell in love with it when I came to ski for the first time, and now I have been with Yabuli for nearly 20 years.” said Wang Junhao, President of JuneYao Group and Chairman of JuneYao Health.

When talking about the expectations for Yabuli, Wang Junhao said that we hope to build China’s Davos, promote the spirit of entrepreneurship through the Yabuli Forum, and spread this spirit.

Wang Junhao

In July 2022, Wang Junhao made a special trip to Heilongjiang to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Northeast Agricultural University to jointly develop probiotic products. Further strengthen the cooperation with Northeast Agricultural University, you have the technology, I have the market, let’s discuss together how to realize the integrated development of government, industry, learning, research and application.” Wang Junhao said.

When talking about the business environment in Heilongjiang, Wang Junhao said “very good” sincerely. After personally experiencing the optimization of the business environment in Heilongjiang, he said, “I am not afraid of Heilongjiang when I come to Heilongjiang.” And after coming to Heilongjiang this time, Wang Junhao aimed at the opportunity of “creating a new highland for opening up to the north”. , this is a great opportunity!

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