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GuideWell Announces Leadership Changes at Triple-S Management Corp.

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GuideWell Announces Leadership Changes at Triple-S Management Corp.

GuideWell, the mutual insurer that purchased Triple-S Management Corp. (SSS) over a year ago, has announced a change in leadership. Roberto “Bobby” García Rodríguez will be stepping down, and Thurman Justice will take over as the president and CEO of the insurance conglomerate. García Rodríguez is set to retire in February 2024.

During a virtual press conference, executives confirmed the leadership transition and mentioned the possibility of additional changes within the company. However, they assured stakeholders that these changes would not be “dramatic” and that GuideWell would remain a nonprofit health services entity.

The new CEO expressed optimism about bringing in new talent and making future announcements. Justice, who previously held executive roles at other companies including Beacon Health Options and Senior Whole Health, is a highly respected leader in the industry. GuideWell President and CEO, Pat Geraghty, praised Justice for being rooted in the company’s values and mission.

Justice’s experience includes serving as the Vice President of Operations at Travelers Insurance Company and spending nearly a decade at Cigna Corporation. As a Certified Public Accountant, Justice brings financial expertise to the role. He joined GuideWell in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer and was later named the president of Triple-S Salud and Triple-S Advantage, both affiliates of Blue Cross Blue Shield in Puerto Rico.

In response to questions about complaints against health plans, both Justice and García Rodríguez addressed the issue. They emphasized that there is a regulated payment process that they adhere to and pay on time. García Rodríguez urged hospitals to provide the necessary information for timely payments, as these funds come from federal sources.

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Justice expressed disappointment in the disconnect between perception and reality regarding payment processes. He emphasized that the company follows rules and regulations and must pay interest if payments are not made on time.

Overall, GuideWell is confident in Justice’s ability to position Triple-S for a successful future. García Rodríguez thanked the company for providing a home where it can grow and prosper while continuing to serve the community.

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