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Hangzhou Weinian established a trading company in Shanghai: Li Ziqi was sued just 3 days ago-Hardware-cnBeta.COM

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In recent days, the conflict between Li Ziqi and Hangzhou Weinian, his contract company, has aroused widespread concern among netizens. According to data, Li Ziqi himself, Li Jiajia, sued the company three days ago. As public opinion continues to ferment,Netizens support Li Ziqi almost one-sidedly. Hangzhou Weinian was sprayed not lightly for a while. Some netizens said that the company pitted Li Ziqi through equity.Let Li Jiajia himself unable to control anything about Li Ziqi.

have to be aware of is,Hangzhou Weinian Company seems to have not been affected in any way, and even established a brand new company.

According to the Qichacha APP, Shanghai Weinian Trading Co., Ltd. was established on October 28. The legal representative is Zhang Jing and the registered capital is 1 million yuan. The business scope includes: Internet sales; professional design services, etc.,The company’s equity penetration shows that the company is 100% controlled by Hangzhou Weinian Brand Management Co., Ltd.

Prior to this, Li Jiajia himself once stated in a public article that “capital is really a good tool”, which can be regarded as a confirmation of the fact that Hangzhou Weinian made the game.

According to public information, the Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to which Li Ziqi belongs is held 51% and 49% by Hangzhou Weinian Brand Management Co., Ltd. and Li Jiajia (Li Ziqi) respectively. That is to say, Li Jiajia himself even Li Ziqi three No words can be controlled, and all control is in the hands of Hangzhou Weinian.

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It is worth mentioning that,It is reported that due to disputes between Li Ziqi and the contracted company Weinian, Weinian’s shareholder Bytedance has initiated the withdrawal process on October 16.

According to a person close to the transaction, ByteDance initially invested in Weinian mainly because it was optimistic about Li Ziqi.Now that Li Ziqi and Wei Nian are in disagreement, Bytedance has decided to withdraw from Wei Nian in accordance with the investment agreement.


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