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Haute Couture Brand IF ROOM Stunningly Launched, Leading the Trend of Futuristic Home Furnishings

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Haute Couture Brand IF ROOM Stunningly Launched, Leading the Trend of Futuristic Home Furnishings

(Original title: Haute Couture brand IF ROOM stunning debut, leading the new trend of futuristic home furnishing)

“The future home should carry people’s most essential yearning for a better life. It inherits traditional connotations and combines fashion leadership. It integrates design and technology, and it does not set boundaries and returns to nature…” IF ROOM owner Manager Qian Mingxia looked forward.

On May 27, during the Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and the 38th Shenzhen International Furniture Design Exhibition, the futuristic home furnishing brand IF ROOM held a brand launch conference, and joined hands with Meng Jianguo, Chief Architect of China Architecture Design and Research Institute, and Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Co., Ltd. Wang Yue, vice president of the institute, Lin Chen, founder of Shenzhen For Love Design, “4Hall Of Fame” Hall of Fame Annual Person, Huang Zhida, founder of RWD, etc., opened a feast of thoughts on future home furnishing — “Futurism Household” theme forum.

Focusing on topics such as “future home design trends”, “how to implement futurism”, and “how to realize the grafting of East and West in design”, the big names launched in-depth dialogues and exchanges, and jointly discussed the definition of futuristic home furnishing, and represented by IF ROOM How does China‘s high-end furniture brand lead China‘s original design to the international market.

The first futuristic home,Break the traditional homeimprison

“Everyone can give their own definition of the future home; and everyone has the right to define the future home.” Qian Mingxia, the manager of IF ROOM, said at the brand launch conference, “The home of the future should be Break the boundaries, explore the infinity, place freedom, vitality, and imagination, so that people in it can enjoy the beauty of life.”

Ms. Qian Mingxia, Manager of IF ROOM

For this reason, IF ROOM puts forward the concept of “futuristic home furnishing” for the first time in the industry based on consumption and demand as the source. And this also coincides with the orientation of the three most sensitive consumer groups in household consumption, namely designers, fashionistas and new generations.

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As creators of artistic creativity, designers are also keen pioneer users. When choosing products, they adhere to the concept of “utility first, use them with reason”; fashionistas who pursue trends and looks like products that can highlight their personality and have bright spots , Design advanced brands; while the new generation group pursues more intuitive and experience real and obtainable value. They not only pay attention to product quality and service, but also value the lifestyle represented by the brand.

According to reports, futurism originated in Italy, and it is an experimental enlightenment and avant-garde movement with a preference for youth, speed, strength and technology. Italians use bright and enthusiastic colors to express the energy and vitality of modern life, and inject passion and hope, as well as the feeling of the rapid development of technological culture into their works. IF ROOM is the abbreviation of Inventing Future Room (creating future home). It is a futuristic brand derived from the understanding of the times and youth. It is led by its Milan International Design Center and Lin Chen, a vane in the furniture design industry. Many well-known designers at home and abroad Work together to build.

Qian Mingxia, the principal of IF ROOM, said that in order to create a brand with a more modern style than minimalism, IF ROOM intends to practice the concept of “art comes from life and is higher than life”. It is reported that the designers of IF ROOM draw inspiration from everything in nature to create orderly and imaginative products that break boundaries and create unlimited creativity. At the same time, go deep into the oriental humanities, extend the dimension of exploration metaphysically, imagine the future realm, follow the natural way, be innovative, and convey the natural spirit and way of life.

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Based on this brand concept, IF ROOM does not adopt the “point, line and surface” design elements commonly used in minimalism in product design, but integrates design with nature and technology, adopts modern international geometric design techniques, and uses a sense of movement , rejuvenated colors, and diverse materials create more avant-garde, free, and tension-filled furniture products.

Industry insiders believe that IF ROOM’s pursuit of technology and fashion, infiltrated with oriental aesthetics and international fashion, may become a hurricane in the industry, breaking the rules and regulations of serial design constraints, and overturning the public’s stereotyped impression of furniture products.

Leading the future home furnishing development, allowing consumers to “control the future life”

The “2023 Milan International Furniture Fair CMF Design Trend Report” jointly released by the China Fashion Color Association and the professional color research institution Sekong pointed out that it is necessary to find a way to integrate with nature in the home, integrate Eastern and Western aesthetics, and break the constraints of traditional frameworks. Shape and structure have become one of the future home design trends.

With the birth of the futuristic furniture brand IF ROOM, futuristic furniture is no longer an existence that can only be viewed from a distance but not played with. Regarding how to define and understand “futuristic home furnishing”, industry leaders shared their views in the theme forum.

Meng Jianguo, chief architect of China Architecture Design and Research Institute, said, “The future is an imagination.” He pointed out that for designers, the future should be the first element. A real designer needs to be one step ahead, taking into account what the future home will look like, and the colors that will be popular in the future, so as to lead the future.

“The essence of futurism is to seek a new way of life.” Huang Zhida, the “4Hall Of Fame” Hall of Fame of the Year and the founder of RWD, also believes that “the present is no longer an era of material scarcity, and people are more focused on finding a feasible way of life. Sex. Future home design should focus on the relationship between people, and consider how to ‘use for me’. The most comfortable is the best, and the most suitable for you is the best.”

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When talking about how to implement the concept of the future in the design, grafting tradition and the future, Lin Chen, the founder of Shenzhen For Love Design, said, “We have been exploring what kind of design is the design that represents young people, and finally in the search and exploration , found futurism.” He pointed out, “In the past, Chinese-style home design was more traditional elements such as Chinese red, window grilles, and paper-cutting, but it can actually be broken through. In the creation of IF ROOM, we borrowed these elements to create a non-formal design, breaking the traditional logic of points, lines and planes, which is a new breakthrough for China‘s future home design.”

IF ROOM is committed to creating future home furnishing. The significance of the first “futuristic home furnishing” is not limited to breaking the status quo of the homogenization of the home furnishing industry, but also has good expectations for the home furnishing industry. It hopes that consumers can use their creativity to adapt to the A better living space, and in charge of the future life.

Looking at the world, there are not many original high-end home furnishing brands in China that have truly gone abroad and become popular around the world. IF ROOM, which represents the power of Chinese home design, may become the next high-end brand that leads Chinese home design to the world.

Source of this article: Financial Report Network

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