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He Xiaopeng: Xiaopeng Motors is expected to achieve true autonomous driving in 2025

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He Xiaopeng: Xiaopeng Motors is expected to achieve true autonomous driving in 2025

IT House August 2 news, this morning, Alibaba Cloud announced through its official Weibo that based on the Alibaba Cloud intelligent computing platform, Xiaopeng Motors has built the largest autonomous driving intelligent computing center in Ulanqab. Self-driving model training.

This afternoon, He Xiaopeng, founder and chairman of Xiaopeng Motors, tweeted: “With the launch of Xiaopeng’s ‘Swinging’ Intelligent Computing Center, the computing power of autonomous driving in simulation training will be boosted. Cars will start to remove the word “assistance” from autonomous driving and enter the era of true autonomous driving.”

He Xiaopeng believes that any current smart car company must develop its own intelligence in the future, so it will put forward very high requirements on computing power, and the cost of computing power will rise from the level of 100 million yuan today to the level of 1 billion yuan in the future. The strong coupling between Xiaopeng and Alibaba Cloud in terms of algorithms and computing power is the only way to go.

Xpeng Motors has also released Xpeng City NGP test videos many times before, including urban road tests (U-turn, red street light recognition, lane change detour, large vehicle handling, low-speed follow-up judgment, etc.), extreme weather environments (dark night, etc.) He Xiaopeng said that in the test phase, he will cover all-weather scenarios as much as possible, allowing the product to undergo all-round polishing, so as to tend to higher safety, and on July 28, he also said that the urban NGP The final push is not far off.

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IT House has learned that the “swinging” computing power of Xiaopeng Motors’ autonomous driving intelligent computing center can reach 600 PFLOPS, which has increased the training speed of Xiaopeng’s autonomous driving core model by 170 times, and the virtualization utilization rate of GPU resources has increased by 3 times. The peer-to-peer communication latency is as low as 2 microseconds.

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