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Heavy policy release, software industry welcomes new opportunities for industrial chain upgrades, pay attention to three main lines

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Heavy policy release software industry welcomes new opportunities for industrial chain upgrades

The agency recommends focusing on the three main lines of intelligence, cloudification and localization

2015-2021 my country’s software business monthly cumulative revenue and growth rate Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhongyuan Securities

As the soul of a new generation of information technology and the foundation of the development of the digital economy, my country’s software and information technology service industry (referred to as the “software industry”) is ushering in new development opportunities. On November 30, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Fourteenth Five-Year” Software and Information Technology Service Industry Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”). In this regard, institutional sources said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the software industry is expected to achieve industrial chain upgrades and usher in new development opportunities. It is recommended that attention be paid to the three main lines of intelligence, cloudification and localization.

Policy highlights frequently appear

Computer application sector continues to benefit

“Economic Information Daily” reporter combed and found that there are many highlights in the “Plan” released this time. The “Plan” pointed out that software is the soul of a new generation of information technology, the foundation of the development of the digital economy, and the key support for the construction of a manufacturing power, a network power, and a digital China. In terms of development goals, the “Plan” pointed out that by 2025, the software business revenue of enterprises above designated size will exceed 14 trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate of more than 12%, the industrial structure will be more optimized, and the comprehensive industrial strength will reach a new level.

The “Plan” specifically deploys five major tasks around the software industry chain, industrial foundation, innovation capability, demand traction, and industrial ecology. In particular, six specific tasks are proposed to promote the upgrade of the software industry chain, that is, to accelerate the development of basic software by focusing on basic software, focusing on breakthroughs in industrial software, collaborative research on application software, forward-looking layout of emerging platform software, actively cultivating embedded software, and optimizing information technology services. “Make up for shortcomings, forge longboards, and provide excellent services” to comprehensively improve the modernization level of the software industry chain.

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In terms of increasing financial support, the “Plan” proposes to encourage social capital to set up software industry investment funds to provide financing services for software companies. Accelerate the development of financial products and services such as intellectual property pledge financing, and support enterprises to actively apply for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and the Growth Enterprise Market.

It is worth noting that “software definition” has become a highlight. “Planning” pointed out that “software definition” is a new feature and new symbol of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and has become an important force driving future development. The “Planning” deployed the task of “deepening software definition” and set up a special action of “software-defined innovative application cultivation”, including building a “software-defined” technology system and fostering a “software-defined” innovative application ecosystem.

In addition, industrial software has become an important breakthrough area. The “Plan” proposes to develop and promote computer-aided design, simulation, calculation and other tool software, vigorously develop key industrial control software, and accelerate the industrial deployment of high-value-added operation and maintenance and management software. By 2025, the number of industrial apps will exceed 1 million.

Affected by the good news, in the secondary market, the computer application (including software and services) sector has continued to rise in the past two days. Flush data shows that after the previous day’s surge, the computer application index continued to rise by 1.73% on December 1, and many stocks such as Wangsu Technology, Zhongke Information, Geer Software and other stocks rose by the limit.

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Software industry welcomes industrial chain upgrade

Institutions are optimistic about the three main lines

The software industry has become a leader in the digital economy. “With the release of major policies such as the “Plan”, my country’s software industry has entered a golden period of development.” Minsheng Securities pointed out. CITIC Securities also stated that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, my country’s software industry is expected to upgrade its industrial chain and usher in new development opportunities.

In terms of company performance, Flush data shows that in the first three quarters of this year, more than half of the computer application sector companies have increased their net profit and revenue attributable to their parent companies. The net profit of 27 companies has doubled. The rates are all over 1000%.

On the enterprise side, technology giants are also continuing to increase business investment and deployment on the B-side (client) side. Alibaba’s capital investment in the third quarter of this year reached a record high; data from the research organization Synergy Research Group shows that in the second quarter of this year, in terms of spending on new data centers and renewal of existing data centers, Bytedance ranked seventh in the world, surpassing it for the first time. Tencent; At the operator level, in recent years, cloud computing has been used as an emerging business layout to provide a strong impetus for the development of its government and enterprise markets; Huawei, following the establishment of the “Coal Corps” in April, in October Huawei announced the establishment of the Customs and Port Corps , Smart Highway Corps, Data Center Energy Corps and Smart Photovoltaic Corps. The industry believes that Huawei has become the top three cloud computing vendors in China, and the follow-up business development of the Legion will also be combined with cloud computing services, Euler/Hongmeng operating systems, etc., to build a complete ecosystem of Huawei’s industry terminal digitization.

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Many institutions are also constantly patronizing related listed companies for investigation. Flush data shows that as of press time, over a thousand institutions have conducted a total of 624 surveys on listed software companies during the year, and more than 30 companies have been surveyed by over 100 institutions. The concept of intelligence, cloudification and localization is particularly popular. Concerned, Zhongke Chuangda was investigated 11 times by 1188 institutions, Desay SV was investigated 27 times by 518 institutions, Glodon was investigated 9 times by 765 institutions, and iFlytek was investigated 5 times by 640 institutions.

In terms of investment advice, Minsheng Securities stated that it is recommended to focus on the three main lines of intelligence, cloudification and localization, emphasizing “intelligent car viewing, cloudification viewing SaaS (software as a service), and localization viewing Huawei”. CITIC Securities focuses on key basic software to make up for shortcomings, emerging platform software forging longboards, and “software-defined” innovative applications to cultivate and stimulate investment opportunities in new digital demand areas.

There are also organizations that are optimistic about the field of industrial software. Guohai Securities stated that the digital transformation of domestic industries is accelerating, intelligent manufacturing is advancing and the wave of localization is superimposed, and the golden era of domestic industrial software as the core of intelligent manufacturing has arrived. West China Securities believes that it is now ushering in the best opportunity for the development of industrial/basic software, and it focuses on recommending key links that are stuck in the neck, with a high degree of productization, and with core technology targets. (Reporter Li Jing)


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