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Hengguang shares welcome new energy, caustic soda dual-vent fine chemicals or enter a new round of growth cycle_listed

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Original title: Hengguang shares welcome new energy, caustic soda dual-vent fine chemicals or enter a new round of growth cycle

Hengguang shares welcomes new energy, caustic soda dual-vent fine chemicals or enters a new round of growth cycle

From the Financial Associated Press (Changsha, reporter Huang Lu),On November 18, Hengguang shares (301118.SZ), a sulfur chlorination industry company, struck the bell on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and landed on the Growth Enterprise Market. In October of this year, Lichen Industry, Shaoyang Hydraulics, Huaci Co., Ltd., and Corfu Medical were listed successively. If you take into account the Wuxin Tunnel and Dezhong Auto, which were transferred to the Beijing Stock Exchange on the 15th of this month, the total number of Hunan shares has reached 130, ranking second after Anhui in the central region.

It is worth mentioning that Hengguang shares and Dezhong Auto are both enterprises registered in Huaihua City, Hunan Province. This also makes Hunan, a western city, ushered in two listed companies within a week. After Mu (002505.sz) moved out, there was no embarrassment for local listed companies.

Due to the need for epidemic prevention, today’s listing ceremony was held in Huaihua City, where the company is located, and the city’s party and government leaders attended the ceremony. Cao Lixiang, chairman of Hengguang shares, said that today’s listing is an important milestone in the development of the company.

Zhu Youliang, the company’s secretary of the board, told the Cailian Press that the fine chemical industry track where the company is located is very good. Today, under the pressure of environmental protection, early entrants should say that they have a certain “moat” and first-mover advantage. Related policies encourage and support chemical companies to establish a circular economy system, and the concept of green chemical and circular chemical production has become one of the main development trends in the industry. Through the smooth implementation of the investment project with raised funds, the company will actively extend the recycling of related fine chemical products and renewable resources on the basis of consolidating the original market.

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The brokerage agency believes that the further transfer and concentration of the world’s fine chemical industry to China has brought a rare opportunity for the development of my country’s precision industry. Companies that are leading the establishment of a recycling production system and are in line with the new energy chemical industry are expected to usher in a new round of growth.量 Cycle.

Hengguang Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive recycling chemical enterprise with greater influence in Hunan Province and surrounding areas. This public issuance of 26.67 million new shares, with a total of 605 million yuan of funds raised, is planned to be used for the 55,000-ton fine chemical new material production line construction project, and the 133,000-ton fine chemical new material and supporting product construction project (Phase 1) 10.5 10,000 tons of fine chemical new material production base construction project.

It is understood that caustic soda, one of the company’s main products, is one of the raw materials for the precursor cathode material of the ternary battery for new energy vehicles. The company has been actively deploying the new energy industry in recent years. From 2018 to the end of June 2021, the company’s direct sales of caustic soda products in the new energy industry amounted to 27,693,600 yuan, 32,565,400, 30,911,700, and 17,995,400 yuan, accounting for its total direct sales of caustic soda products. 32.79%, 48.72%, 58.09%, and 58.92% of revenue, showing an increasing trend.

Combined with the data from Baichuan Information, the price of liquid caustic soda in the domestic market has risen sharply recently, with the largest increase of more than 287% during the year. Tianfeng Securities analysts believe that the wide increase in the price of alumina caustic soda will also support the price of liquid caustic soda, and it is expected that the liquid caustic soda market will still be the main upward trend.

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Benefiting from the strong downstream demand for chemical raw materials, the prices of chemical products such as caustic soda, sulfuric acid, sodium chlorate, and iron powder have rapidly increased. Hengguang’s production and sales are booming. 233 million yuan. Today, it closed at 59 yuan per share, a 159.9% increase from the issue price of 22.70 yuan.

According to industry classification, Hunan has 6 companies that belong to the “chemical raw materials” industry, namely Hengguang and Lichen Industrial, which have just been listed, as well as Nanling Civil Explosion, Xiangtan Electrochemical, Kaimet Gas, and Yuxin. According to the development goal of the “Hunan Province Chemical New Material Industry Chain Five-Year Action Plan (2021-2025)”, by 2025, the province’s chemical new material industry chain will achieve a total output value of 120 billion yuan, and the number of certified new chemical material companies will reach 480 There are 3 enterprises with more than 10 billion yuan, and 20 enterprises with more than 1 billion yuan, and cultivate a group of specialized, new and small giant enterprises.Return to Sohu to see more


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