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Holderhof relies on apple sauce made from Swiss apples

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Holderhof relies on apple sauce made from Swiss apples


Holderhof wants to produce applesauce in Switzerland again

Applesauce is an integral part of Swiss cuisine. However, only a small proportion of the applesauce sold in stores is produced in Switzerland. Eastern Switzerland’s Holderhof wants to change that.

Holderhof AG now produces apple sauce in Sulgen.


Käseschnöpfli, Gghackets with Hörnli or blood sausage are just three Swiss classics that almost always include apple sauce. But if you don’t want to cook it yourself, you have to use apple sauce from nearby countries. That should change. Holderhof Produkte AG is therefore launching its own apple sauce. It is produced at the Holderhof site in Sulgen.

According to a statement, the modern facilities there allow efficient production that can also compete internationally. In the last few weeks, a first test phase has been successfully completed. Negotiations with buyers are in progress. The company from eastern Switzerland could produce over 3,000 tons of applesauce here every year, the statement continues.

In addition to the retail trade, wholesalers, the catering trade and the food industry could also be considered as customers. Depending on the customer’s wishes, sugar or lemon juice is added to the applesauce. Thanks to different screens in the system, different consistencies are possible. Coarser puree is sold directly in cans or jars.

The finer pulp is also suitable as a raw material for further processing, for example for fruit juices. “These often contain a large proportion of exotic raw materials, some of which could be replaced with puree made from Swiss apples,” says business owner Christof Schenk, according to the announcement. In principle, the Holderhof is also concerned with strengthening Swiss agriculture. The three locations of the Eastern Swiss company also include an organic farm in Ufhofen. Holderhof mainly produces drinks such as iced tea, smoothies or syrup under its own brand or for other companies’ own brands. Holderhof has 75 employees.

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