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Honda ADV350: the maxiscooter (with 350 engine) suitable for any road

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The new scooter proposed by the Japanese manufacturer combines the Adventure style of the older brother X-ADV, with a sturdy tubular steel frame, 37 mm upside-down fork (it has a real double-plate inverted fork, where on scooters they are usually single-plate) and rear shock absorbers with separate gas tank that allow it to tackle even unpaved roads. The 330 cc engine reaches a maximum power of over 29 hp (21.5 kW) at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 31.5 Nm, while the grip of the rear tire is entrusted to the Honda Selectable Torque traction control Control (HSTC). The windshield is adjustable in height, the compartment under the saddle can accommodate two full-face helmets and the glove compartment is equipped with a USB socket.

New concept of New Urban Adventure

The X-ADV, defined by Honda as “the two-wheeled SUV”, immediately attracted great interest, but the 750 cc engine slowed down a certain type of user, the one looking for a vehicle for the suburban-center route. city, which occasionally wants to indulge in some trips outside the city. This is where the idea of ​​the new ADV350 comes from, designed to explore the city, but able to go beyond its borders, even on unpaved roads, without leading to off-road.

Honda ADV350, all the photos of the new suv size scooter

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The ADV350 has a dynamic character, the single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve (SOHC) liquid-cooled engine obviously respects the Euro5 specifications and consumption is around 29.4 km / l (in the medium cycle WMTC) which, with the 11.7 L capacity tank, offer a potential range of over 340 km. Honda promises a comfortable and natural riding position (the saddle height is 795 mm) while the motorcycle-derived frame and forks are designed to ensure excellent handling, great stability, and excellent absorption of holes, so much so that the manufacturer Japanese declares it also suitable for light off-road. The secret lies in the 37 mm upside-down fork (with a travel of 125 mm), fixed to generously sized upper and lower triple clamps, which increasing the precision of the front axle, while the shock absorbers with separate gas reservoir and progressive springs triple-stage, guarantee excellent absorption of roughness on any surface, even with a passenger on board. The 15-inch die-cast aluminum front wheel and the 14-inch rear wheel are fitted with tubeless tires with semi-knobby treads (120/70-R15 and 140/70-R14), which ensure high grip, while braking is entrusted the front 256 mm (single) disc and the 240 mm rear disc. A further contribution is made by the electronics which use a two-level HSTC traction control system: it detects any differences between the speed of the front and rear wheel, calculates the slip ratio and then controls the torque delivered by the engine through the system. electronic injection to recover the grip of the rear tire. In addition, the direction indicators are equipped with the emergency braking warning system, which flashes the arrows to warn other vehicles in the event of heavy braking.

The resemblance to the X-ADV is recognized by the slender profile of the side panels on the sides of the saddle, while the headlight assembly is raised above the wheel and the fairing has been designed to highlight the upside-down fork. The 133mm travel windshield is easily adjustable to four positions thanks to a slide lock mechanism. The spacious 48-liter underseat can comfortably hold two full-face helmets and the left front storage compartment houses a USB-C socket for charging the smartphone. The electronic key allows you to switch on the HDV 350, open / close the compartment under the saddle, manage the 50 L top box (Smart ‑ Top Box, standard in our country) and automatically lock the scooter when you move away, holding the Smart‑ Key comfortably in your pocket.

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